Disney Ursula Ornament: Crafts for Kids

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These ornaments are so easy to make and perfect for little fingers. Get your kids involved in your Christmas decorating with this!! cute Disney Ursula ornament!

5 Reasons Kids Crafts Are Important

Doing simple crafts like this Disney Ursula ornament is great for little ones for many different reasons. Here are 5 reasons kids crafts are important:

  1. They allow for creativity. Kids can follow the directions or get creative.
  2. Crafts are great for fine motor skills. Build up fine motor skills with crafts that allow for cutting, drawing, and gluing.
  3. There is no better way to have quality time. When you do crafts with your kids, you are giving them memories they will cherish for a lifetime.
  4. They take kids off the screens. In this day and age, everything is on a screen. Crafts give kids a break from screens and offer hands-on fun.
  5. Crafts build communication skills. Kids can talk about their crafts and use their communication skills to tell you about them.

Supplies Needed for This Disney Ursula Craft


How to Make This Disney Ursula Ornament

Begin by downloading your Ursula template and printing onto card stock. Cut out the individual pieces of your Ursula Mickey Ears craft.

Assemble the pieces of your template and glue together to form the image of Ursula.

Add glue to Ursula’s black dress and sprinkle black glitter to make it shine. Next add glue to the shell necklace and sprinkle gold glitter.

Attach string to the back of your Ursula paper craft ready to hang as a Disney ornament or Christmas decoration.

Download Your Free Ursula Template Here!

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