Hoarding Alert: Signs You Need to Declutter and Clean Your Home

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Most homeowners buy stuff for decking up their homes but end up being overwhelmed. Before you know it, you will feel drowned under loads of clutter. Believe it or not, every homeowner experiences it at some point. The worst part is that you may not realize that it’s time to purge and organize. 

Did you know that a clean and organized living space positively impacts mental well-being? You must clear up your place before you find yourself tripping over clutter, constantly searching for things, or feeling stressed out at the sight of your messy surroundings.

Here are the signs that you must clean and declutter your house sooner than later.

Declutter And Clean Your Home

Sign #1- You Struggle to Locate Stuff Every Day

Do you always spend an hour locating your car keys? Is finding one missing sock a daunting challenge? If you spend time rummaging through piles of things daily, it’s a major red flag. 

The frantic search can stress you out or even make you miss something important like a client meeting or school event. The best option is to declutter and bring order back into your home and life.

Sign #2- Chaos Seems to Rule Your Life

Imagine returning home after a long day and seeking solace in your sanctuary, only to witness a chaotic mess that stresses you out. You may get the same feeling after waking up in a house full of unnecessary stuff. 

Constant exposure to anxiety can affect your mental well-being. It may even take a toll on your work productivity and personal relationships. Why not get rid of it and make peace with minimalism?

Sign #3- Your Place Has Slip and Fall Hazards

Hoarding stuff can be dangerous for the little ones and the seniors as the extra mess can cause tripping hazards. According to experts at Evergreen Clean Up, it is a clear indication that your home needs a cleanup intervention sooner than later. 

Calling experts is the best solution to safely clear up your home because they have the right expertise and equipment.

Sign #4- Your Home Is Full of Dust

Clutter does more than take over the precious space in your home. It can become a home for dust if you fall short of time to clean everything often. A home with dust can be unhealthy as it can cause allergies and respiratory issues. 

Not to mention, your place looks dirty and unkempt. Get rid of the extra stuff and commit to steering clear of hoarding again. 

Sign #5- Your Closet Is Bursting With Clothes

Clutter isn’t about furniture, cutlery, and knick-knacks. You may even end up with tons of it inside your closet. If opening your cupboard and drawers is like facing an impending disaster, you’ve got to purge and move on. 

You must embrace a minimalist approach with a capsule wardrobe after eliminating everything you don’t need or want. Donating your clothes and shoes is a great idea. 

Although you should clean and declutter your place a few times every year, you may need to do it more often if you are a hoarder. Watch out for these signs and purge when you see them.

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