Cricut Easy Press 3: Review and Project

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This week I’m sharing an easy project that uses the Cricut Easy Press 3 to create a personalised jumper. I’ll be reviewing and answering the question, “What Is The Cricut Easy Press 3” and how it can help you make a one-of-a-kind look. I was sent this heat press tool from Cricut to review and share here on The Inspiration Edit.

With the Cricut Easy Press 3 press, you can easily add names, monograms, images and more to clothing and materials with just a few clicks of your mouse. The Cricut Easy Press works well with regular iron-on vinyl and also works well with infusible ink projects. The temperature control and ceramic coated surface make it perfect for both small and large heat transfer projects.

What Is the Cricut Easy Press 3

The Cricut Easy Press 3 is a small, lightweight heat press that you can use to quickly and easily apply iron-on designs to fabric. It features an easy-to-use digital interface, three temperature settings, and an adjustable timer. This makes it perfect for projects like personalising a jumper, creating t-shirts and tote bags, or applying vinyl patches.

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Is Cricut Heat Press Better Than An Everyday Iron?

The Cricut Easy Press 3 is definitely more advanced than a regular iron. It offers consistent, even heat and pressure for perfect results every time. This might not be the case when it comes to using a household iron.

Plus, you can set the temperature to match the material you’re working with, ensuring even better results than a traditional heat press or iron.

The digital interface makes it incredibly easy to use and ensures that your design doesn’t get damaged during the heat-pressing process.

How to Use the Cricut Easy Press 3

Whether completing both small projects and large projects you’ll want to visit the design space on the Cricut website. Here you’ll find thousands of images, fonts, and projects that are perfect for personalising your look.

Once you’ve chosen a design that suits your needs you can edit it before sending the design to your cricut explore machine.

Cricut Easy Press 3: Easy Personalised Jumper Project

Choose Your Iron on Vinyl

Choosing the color and type of iron on vinyl is an important part of any project. You’ll want to choose a material and heat transfer vinyl that can withstand the heat and pressure from your Cricut Easy Press.

For this project I chose white smart iron-on vinyl which made the personalised jumper design I was making stand out. I was making the jumper for my cousin Daisy and wanted to add her name to the front and back of the jumper.

Cut Your Cricut Design

Once you’ve sent your design to your Cricut cutting machine and it’s finished cutting, you’ll need to use your weeding tools to remove any extra vinyl from the design in preparation for using the heat press.

Place the Vinyl on the Material

Before adding the vinyl, pre-heat your material for 5 seconds. Simply hit the power button and then press the arrow/go button. This will warm up the material and remove and potential creases.

Next place the iron-on vinyl shiny side down onto the fabric. Be sure that all edges of the design are lined up with each other and that there are no air bubbles.

Place the fabric onto the easypress mat. This will protect the materials whilst using the heat press.

Cricut Easy Press Heat Settings

Now your design is ready to press, you’ll need to use the easy heat app and select the material you’re using. This will determine the temperature and time settings for your project.

The great thing about the Cricut Easy Press 3 is that the the wireless technology ensures the heating element does not go over the maximum temperature needed.

Iron on Your Cricut Design

Now your ready to use the Cricut heat press tool. I like to use a teflon sheet or a sheet of baking paper just to give extra protection to the materials I use.

Apply a light pressure to the design and press the Cricut Easy Press to activate the timer for the heating element. Once the timer button finishes your personalised jumper design is complete!

Hot Peel or Cold Peel

Peel off the plastic sheet from the back of your design once the transfer has cooled down. The benefit of a cold peel rather than a hot peel is that the iron-on vinyl has had more time to stick better.

The Ceramic Coated Heat Plate

The ceramic coated heat plate of the Cricut Easy Press 3 ensures consistent and even heating for all of your projects.

This makes it so easy to use and great for those who aren’t as experienced with heat pressing.

I like the Cricut heat press 3 a lot more than the easy press mini and the cricut press 2 as it has better technology and wifi settings which make it easier to use.

The Cricut easy press 3 is also compatible with iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink and sublimation products making it the ideal heat transfer tool especially for your first project, small or big.

Cricut Easy Press Safety Base

We don’t have a craft room, so we set up our Cricut easypress 3 on a kitchen work surface.

The advanced heat plate design has an easy press safety base so you can use your press with peace of mind knowing surfaces won’t get damaged.

Best Materials for the Cricut Easy Press 3

There are lots of materials you can use for your cricut vinyl or sublimation projects. Here are a few suggestions:

  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Tote bags
  • Aprons
  • Canvas shoes
  • Hats
  • Table cloths
  • Cushion Covers
  • Baby Onesies

Cricut Easy Press 2 V’s Cricut Easy Press 3

The Easy Press 2 and the Easy Press 3 are both great for projects. The main difference is that the Cricut Easypress 3 has WIFI technology which allows you to save your settings when transferring to different materials.

In addition, the ceramic coated heat plate makes it easier to use than its predecessor. The digital interface and adjustable timer also make it easier to use than the Easypress 2.

Do I Need the Cricut Heat Guide?

No. The Cricut easy press 3 comes with its own heat guide where you just need to select the material and it will give you the temperature and time settings.

However, for those using the cricut easy press 2 or easy press mini, you can look up the cricut heat guide to get the right settings for your material.

Is It Worth Getting a Cricut Heat Press 3

I’ve been using my cricut easy press 3 for a while now and I can honestly say it makes my crafting projects much easier.

It produces fantastic results every time with its even heat plate and digital interface. Plus, the settings are easy to adjust which is great for those who aren’t as familiar with heat pressing.

I think it is certainly worth getting if your into crafting and enjoy making your own personalized products. That’s for sure.

Making More Personalized Items With Cricut

I’m looking forward to making more personalized items with my nieces next week. We plan to make some hoodies with their names on and cute images.

We will be using the our new Cricut Explore 3 machine to create our designs and of course will be making the most of our subscription to the design space.

Enjoy the Cricut Easy Press 3

I’m also looking forward to using my Cricut Explore to make some homemade birthday cards and a personalised baseball cap for my brother. Exciting!

Have you tried the Circut Easy Press 3 yet? If so what have you made? What do you plan to make?

Angela Milnes

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