6 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Home

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Building a custom home allows you to create something that meets your family’s exact needs. It also allows you to design a home that fits your design preferences. Here are a few important things to consider when building a custom home.

Spruce Up Your Home's Exterior


Location is a crucial factor to consider when building a custom home. Even if you love your custom-built home and it’s everything you ever dreamed of, picking the wrong location can make it less enjoyable. First, narrow down your location options based on your work and the places you frequent most. The school district may also be an important consideration if you have kids. You might also think about your proximity to parks or entertainment. Measure your commute to local restaurants, grocery stores, and any other businesses you frequent to help you choose the best location.

Lot Size

Before custom building a home, you’ll need an empty lot. Consider lot size to make sure it meets your dream home designs. Ask a professional to make a blueprint for you based on your home design plans, so you can see how much front and backyard space is available. Make sure you pinpoint where the garage or shed will go. You may also want to leave sufficient room for a garden or backyard playscape. Creating a draft of your dream home ahead of time can help you save money by guiding you in choosing the right vacant lot.

Home Layout

A custom-built home gives you the opportunity to create your ideal layout. This can seem like a big task if you’re unfamiliar with the available options. It can be helpful to work with a professional home builder to offer a few available options.

A few key things to consider include where to place bedrooms and bathrooms and whether the garage is on the left or right side of the home. You may also place the master bedroom on the main floor or upstairs to be closer to the other bedrooms.

Decide where the closets will go in each room and which rooms will have access to their own bathrooms. You’ll also want to carefully place the living room and kitchen in a central location that everyone can equally enjoy. Speak to the award winning home builders in Perth for advice on the best design and plan for your home.

You’ll need to decide ahead of time if you want a basement. Basements make sense in some parts of the country and less so in others. Consider whether you want a basement that’s finished or unfinished. You can always finish your basement later, but including it in the initial home design may be the most cost-efficient strategy. A basement can double your storage or living space, making it an excellent investment.


Unlike buying an already-built home, you can choose which materials you want with a custom build. Sustainable materials are trending right now and can lead to lower home maintenance costs and a higher resale value. Wood is one of the cheapest and most customizable options, but it’s more prone to water and fire damage. Plastic is another cost-efficient material option that’s also corrosion-resistant. However, it’s one of the least sustainable materials. Glass is becoming a part of modern home designs and is an energy-efficient option. However, it may come at a higher price than other materials. Work with your custom home designer to choose a material that fits in with your budget and design dreams.


Lighting is another important consideration when custom building a home. Planning your lighting ahead of time lets the builders know where to place outlets and wiring. You can also design a custom home with modern technologies, like USB or wireless chargers and lights built into the walls. Recessed lighting is a popular trend today because it offers improved lighting without taking up much space. Don’t forget about your home’s exterior lights. You’ll want ample outdoor, motion-activated lights to keep your property safe and secure.

Garage and Shed Size

If your home designs include a garage or shed, make sure you choose the right size. A one-car garage may be cheaper, but if you need more room, it’ll likely cost much more to add it later. Additionally, without proper planning, you may not even have enough yard space to add to the garage later. Garages offer secure storage for all your lawn equipment and cars. They also increase the value of a home.

Custom building your own home offers many advantages, including the opportunity to create a layout that works for you and your family and the ability to customize your materials. Careful consideration of things like lot size, home layout, materials, and whether or not to include a basement ensures a home that you’ll love.

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