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What’s Good and Bad about Dad

A few years ago I was a single mother and my daughter was being raised without a father. Fast forward three years and you would never have guessed that Sylvia and my husband John had ever lived apart. They have a tight bond and love each other like crazy. John is an amazing step father and it’s as if he had always been here from the start.

good and bad

Last week, I had an interesting conversation with my daughter. We discussed what the best things about having a Dad living with us and then the worst. I found my daughter’s answers interesting and funny and decided to share this as a blog post. So here is my daughter’s list:

What’s Good and Bad about Dad


“The best thing about dad is that he loves me.”

“He is a Tickle Monster and tickles me when we go to the Supermarket.”

“He built me a huge dolls house.”

“Dad let me have two dogs”

“He takes me to Ballet every week.”


The not so good:

“He Trumps”

“He does stinky Poos”

“He snores really loud”

“He’s grumpy when he’s tired”

“We always need the toilet at the same time.”


I thought my daughter’s answers were both heart warming and hilarious and. It’s funny all the good things were the things my husband does for Sylvia and the things she appreciates and all the bad are typical men type things. So this is my daughter’s list.

At the end of the day, My hubby is a sweetheart and a brilliant father and I’m so pleased he is a part of mine and our daughter’s life. John is an amazing dad and it’s great having him around.

I shared with permission. I wonder what your child would answer if you did the same quiz?