Matalan Uniform for Girls a Review

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Matalan Uniform: A Matalan School Uniform Review.

Sylvia enjoyed testing out the new range of Summer School Uniforms from Matalan. My daughter has had several serious growth spurts in the past few months and her old uniform items were getting very small. In fact, we have been measuring Sylvia regular against the door frame and she has shot up almost 3 inches.

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Matalan Pinafore Dress

We tested out the Matalan Easy Iron Teflon coated range which is brilliant for maintaining a smart look and designed to withstand water, oil and stains.

The Teflon restricts stains absorbing into the fabric and so they are really easy to clean when your child comes home with stains on the fabric.

School Uniform

Sylvia loved her new Matalan pinafore dress with the cute front pockets and bows. This was her favourite dress and she was excited to wear it to school with her new Matalan Gingham socks.

School Uniform

The Matalan uniform Pinafore is affordable and in our usual price bracket for school uniform items. The socks came in a pair of three with different patterns which I think was really cute.

Matalan School Skirts

You can never have enough Matalan school skirts! The second item we were sent for Sylvia to try was a girl’s Flippy School Skirt. We were sent a few and they are such good quality. I was really impressed. 

School Uniform

Sylvia loved her new Matalan skirt as it’s so floaty. The school skirt has really pretty flower embroidery detail, is also Teflon stain-resistant and has an adjustable waist which will be useful for keeping up with Sylvia’s ongoing growth spurts.

School uniform

Matalan Gingham Dress

Lastly, Sylvia tested out the girls red Matalan gingham school dress which came with a matching hair scrunchie. I really like the gingham style dresses. It’s perfect for school and is super soft and comfortable for my daughter to wear. 

gingham dress

The girls red knit collar print gingham school dress has a front zip fastening which I personally prefer to lots of buttons.

Matalan sells their Gingham school dress at a great budget price and these can be purchased in four colours. No matter what colour the school requires you can get a fantastic Gingham school dress from Matalan. 

gingham dress

What We Think Of Matalan Uniform? 

Thank you, Matalan for sending us some lovely items to test out. Sylvia was really pleased. She has been wearing them to school and they are easy to wash and Iron. In total, we received two gingham dresses, two skirts and one pinafore along with the socks.

It’s great having a variety and selection of uniform items as I can wash her uniforms in one go at the end of the school week. I love the Teflon stain resistance, that’s really appealing and the clothing is competitively priced in comparison to other stores where we have bought Uniforms in the past.

Disclosure: We were sent the Matalan Uniform items in return for an honest and open review.

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  1. She’s a natural model! So pretty. Love the look of those uniforms, especially the pinafore ones. I’m actually on the look out for new styles, since my daughter has been wearing the same styles since she started reception last year. Time for a change I think 😉

  2. I really like the grey pinafore dress. I guess you’re lucky and somewhere that doesn’t have a really strict uniform.

  3. Sylvia looks super adorable in her uniform. She really is a beautiful model. I actually miss wearing my school uniform when i had a similar red dress but mine was blue. 😀

  4. Funnily enough I was looking at that pinafore dress the other day. It looks lovely. Nice and girly. Will have to get it for my daughter for September x

  5. Ahhh I remember every year having to go shopping for our new uniform. It’s going to feel so strange taking my little one to get her first uniform. It must feel really strange for you seeing Sylvia growing up so fast too. xx

  6. I didn’t know that Matalan had moved into uniforms. Good to know for future school days. You little girls looks lovely in them x

  7. The pinafore dress is gorgeous! It really looks different to the usual grey dresses and the socks are so cute. The gingham dresses are perfect for the summer term when it’s warm. x

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