10 Creative Wall Art Ideas for Home Decor

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Walls are the perfect canvas for a house. So, you can elevate the style of your house by decorating the walls beautifully.

Your blank walls always remind you of some artwork that can fill the space and give your space personality. 

You may look for different artwork from different sources. But sometimes, the price of these artworks exceeds your decorating budget.

That’s why you should consider decorating with custom artwork, which you can make with crafting supplies and little imagination. 

Thankfully, there are worlds of ideas when it comes to covering the blank space on your wall. Here, we narrow down ten fabulous home decor ideas with wall art.

These ideas will definitely help you turn your bare and boring walls into charming canvases of pretty collections. 

Wall Art Ideas

1. Use Photos as Wall Hangings

One classic way to decorate a wall is to turn it into a photo gallery. You can collect the childhood pictures of your family and friends. Photos of any special occasion, such as birthdays, family reunions, weddings, etc., can also be a great option.

After collecting the snaps, you need to frame them. If you want to maintain symmetry, use the same frames to stack these pictures. But you can choose frames of different colors, shapes, and sizes to create a dynamic look. If you want to avoid frames, you can hang the prints on old clipboards.

However, to make the picture gallery more cohesive, maintain a color theme that best fits with the background of the pictures.

You can also add fairy lights of different colors to make your gallery more interesting.

If you do not prefer to display your personal pictures, opt for a painting. You can select a single establishing piece or go for two or three small-sized paintings. Then fix them into a pattern on the wall. But a large piece of painting can easily attract the attention of people. 

You can also create artwork on your own. If you have little or no experience in any kind of painting or artwork, you can take courses like Procreate classes to kick-start your artwork journey. 

2. Hang Mirrors on the Wall

A wall mirror helps you make your empty wall look beautiful and brightens up your dark room, as it can reflect natural light and project it to all corners of your room. Mirrors also reflect artificial lighting and maximize a room’s overall lighting effects. Thus, it will give your home a more unique feel.

Apart from that, well-placed mirrors also work like a charm to make small spaces look more expansive.

3. Paper Tricks

Wall arts need not always be expensive. You can make beautiful wall hangings using colorful paper. Paper, without any doubt, is an inexpensive or underrated item in comparison to other home decorating supplies. 

You can use paper in numerous ways when it comes to home decor ideas. For example, you can prepare different origami objects such as paper hearts, paper fans, butterflies, a group of garlands, or anything you like.

You can also cut textured or colorful paper to give it different shapes, such as different phases of the moon. Then using a thread, you can hang them on the wall. Hanging these colorful objects on your wall will give your room a colorful and vibrant appeal.

Even you can write simple quotes and special words on those shapes. You can also prepare beautiful dream catchers using this colorful paper.

4. Wall Plates

Hanging wall plates is a popular trend nowadays. People consider it a unique and elegant addition to their home. You can add a splash of pattern and color to your home using these wall plates. 

Wall plates go well with traditional and modern home decor, as they come with various designs. You can buy a set of wall plates that matches your taste and preference, or you can also create wall plates on your own. It will be an excellent way to showcase your own skillful artwork.

5. Botanical Wall Art 

As a nature lover, if you want to bring nature to your home, you can opt for botanical wall art. This art includes creating a green wall by featuring a vertical garden or placing botanical prints on your wall.

Thus, botanical wall art gives your home a luxurious appeal. Today wall artwork, which includes plants, flowers, or other natural elements, has become one of the most common trends for interior decoration.

However, some people prefer natural flowers and plants in home decor, whereas others choose prints or botanical design posters.

6. Paint Swatches  

Using paint swatches is a great option for revamping your home. For utilizing paint swatches for your home makeover, first, you need to organize them based on color. 

Then conceptualize the overall design or look you want to make based on these swatches’ shape, size, scale, and proportion. For example, you can create a gradient effect by differentiating the color based on their level of saturation and lining up the colors.

Use craft scissors to cut all the swatches into a similar shape if you want to create a cohesive look. Then with the help of double-sided tape, attach the swatches to a poster board. And finally, before placing the paint into a frame, add matting.

7. Abstract Wall Art

Using abstract wall art is a powerful way to renovate your home. Abstract art incorporates the process of pattern, color, texture, form, line, and composition. Incorporating an abstract wall painting into your decor exemplifies this art form’s capacity to transform any space through its intricate blend of elements.

This unrealistic form of art challenges its viewer to create their own meaning and thus makes them imaginative.

Different varieties of abstract art are available. You can choose from fluidic curves to geometric shapes. Regardless of your chosen style, the art takes your interior design to the next level.

A larger and more colorful artwork naturally makes your home more elegant and look richer. However, you can also put two or more pieces of art next to one another, making it more balanced and also adding symmetry.

8. Hanging a Rug

Hanging a wall rug for decorating a home is as unique as hanging a painting on the wall. Like paintings, wall rugs also create an eye-catching appearance, and it works like a central piece in decorating a room.

Hanging a rug on the wall not only covers the blank space of the wall but also provides insulation. In addition, rugs can be great sound absorbs that prevent sound that comes from the outside. 

9. Dried Flowers in Keepsake Frames

Pressing flowers is a beautiful way to preserve flowers from special events. Flatter flowers, such as aster, daisies, chamomile, etc., are easier to press. They also keep their color after pressing in the microwave.

Thicker flowers, such as roses, are the hardest to press. So, before pressing thick flowers, cut them into halves or press the petal individually.

Remember, yellow-colored flowers keep their hue the best, pastel flowers lose some shade of color, and hot pink-colored flowers become more purple.

How to Press Flowers in Microwave

After collecting the fresh flowers and/or greenery you prefer, dry them in the microwave. For pressing these flowers and leaves in the microwave, you need a piece of paper towel or a cotton rag to place the blooms and leaves. Then cover the paper towel with another or fold it in half.

Place the towel in the microwave and set a microwave-safe dish on top. Keep it in the microwave for 90 seconds. After that, remove the dish from the microwave and check whether the flowers and leaves are dry enough. 

If you feel they are still moist, put them back in the microwave and leave them for another 30 seconds. In the meantime, the flowers will definitely become dry. When the flowers and leaves are ready, you need to consider the shape of the pretty frames where you prefer to place the flowers.

You can set the flowers according to your own choice. You can opt for a large frame where you set all the blooms and leaves in your desired pattern. Or you can think of several small-sized frames to decorate the flowers and leaves. Obviously, the choice is yours! 

10 Geometric Wall Art

The geometric wall art pairs well with transitional, contemporary, and modern interiors. So, you can hang this wall art in any room of your house. 

Regardless of your existing decor, these arts give your home a streamlined and professional appearance and add visual interest to your room. 

These geometric arts come in a variety of color patterns, and you can choose a shade that fits your personality. You can also choose an oversized piece to cover the blank space of your wall with just a single piece.

If you are worrying about your wallet, you can opt for creating geometric art of your own, which allows you to customize your own patterns, shapes, colors, materials, sizes, etc. 

To Wrap Up

We provided you with some of the easiest ways to renovate any home by adding some artwork on the wall. However, sometimes buying an art piece costs you a lot. Instead, you can choose one of the budget-friendly ideas from above that matches your personality and goes well with your home.

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