Snow White, the Apple and the Dogs

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Snow White, The Apple And The Dogs

Today I have something funny to share. We called this photoshoot Snow White, The Apple and The Dogs and it was Sylvia’s version of the Snow White Story featuring Yoda and Casper as the dwarfs.

So often my daughter smiles and makes cute poses but often she is hilarious and funny and today instead of using the smiling pretty pictures, I thought I’d share the ones with the real facial expressions, the fun ones Sylvia made as she acted out the movie Snow White.

As you know Snow White has seven dwarfs and is given a rosy apple to eat. Sylvia ran into the kitchen midway through this shoot and imaginary play to find an apple and then things got funny.

When it comes to Yoda and Casper they are food crazy and so once the apple became the main part of these photos so too did the dogs.

My daughter often makes us laugh pulling funny faces and she had plenty of funny faces to pull for this photoshoot.

I hope you like the photos and it makes you laugh and giggle as much as it did us. Enjoy.

Angela x

Snow White is dead or is she sleeping?

These pictures are not in the order of our play but hey that’s okay. We had fun and that’s what it is all about.

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  1. This looks so fun! My son doesn’t like to put on costumes but he likes wearing different hats. Maybe I’ll try doing this fun activity with him.

  2. There is nothing better than imaginary play with kids. They have the ability to think up some great stuff with something as simple as a dress-up dress and the family pet. My kids never cease to amaze me with some of the stuff they come up with. Your daughter is a natural in front of the camera

  3. That was so adorable, your daughter seems like such a goofball, I hope she stays like that throughout her life <3
    Those little doggos are so cute, I just want to cuddle them up

  4. This seems fun! You know, my daughter too loves posing for the pics. She comes to me all dressed up and asks me to click her pics. The smile on her face while looking at those pics later on is precious. I really enjoyed reading your post as I can relate to it. Your daughter is a natural poser. She looks cute 🙂

  5. Looks like a really fun photoshoot! It’s always better when it’s fun coz you can capture amazing smiles! This costume is super cool, although I must admit, Mulan was always my fav disney character!

  6. Her expressions show how much fun she had doing this photo shoot. These are the small little memories you’re going to look back at and smile or laugh together. Precious!

  7. Your daughter must’ve really enjoyed this! My niece loves the Snow White story, now I’m thinking to do a photoshoot for her as well and see how she poses as she already has a Snow White costume.

  8. This seems so much fun. And she looks so darn cute dresses as Snow White. Looks like she enjoys posing for camera, too. All those goofy cute poses are adorable.

  9. What a fun photo shoot idea! Your daughter is so adorable. I love the sweet Disney Snow White dress. Perfect for Halloween and trips to the Magic Kingdom!

  10. That seems to be such a fun shot. Your daughter is much fun to shoot, she makes great poses; she is such a cutie. Thanks for sharing this post! 🙂

  11. That’s awesome. You’re lucky tho, you can get your kid(s) to get in front of a camera and just do the thing. I have to either bribe mine or make him feel guilty xD Yes, I’m a horrible parent, but hey, whatever works right? xD

  12. You and your daughter created a lovely picture story. From her expressions we can predict the story. So expressive she is! Great way of narrating story to kids by playing characters by their own.

  13. Oh what a cute little girl. The updated version of Snow White, not with the seven dwarfs but with a dog. She’s very beautiful in the photos and the shots looks very candid too.

  14. Indeed, a very lovely outfit and your daughter. Children at home also get dressed up like this and have fun.

  15. Aww I love seeing all the smiles and funny faces. I remember I use to love dressing up in costumes and gowns when I was a girl. Some of my prized memories.

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