Chicco Thermo Distance Forehead Thermometer Review

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Today on the blog I am reviewing the Chicco Thermo Distance Forehead Thermometer from the Kiddies Kingdom. As a previous early year, teacher and a parent, the idea of a new Infrared Non-contact thermometer is quite exciting. I once worked in the baby section of a Nursery and checking the little one’s temperatures when they appeared unwell was really important.

Chicco Thermo Distance Thermometer For Kids

Why Is a Head Thermometer Good for Taking Kids Temperatures?

As a childcare teacher, we had policies and rules to help keep the children healthy. This included sending a child home to parents when the temperature was over a certain amount. I recall trying to use an underarm thermometer for little ones who would be restless and wriggly and not want there temperature checking.

Chicco Thermo Distance Thermometer For Kids

Chicco Thermo Distance Review

That’s what makes the Thermo distance Thermometer appealing to me. The idea of an infrared Non-contact method to test your child’s temperature is an awesome idea. It’s fantastic for parents for keeping an eye on our kids when the need arises but also the perfect tool for any nursery or school.

Chicco Thermo Distance Thermometer For Kids

Which Thermometer Is Best for Children?

There are other thermometers on the market, however, we feel the Chicco Thermo Distance is more hygienic as it does not come in contact with the Child’s skin. Is also less intrusive than putting a thermometer in a child’s mouth or under their armpit to get an accurate reading.

Can This Chicco Thermo Distance Be Used for Babies?

The Chicco Thermo Distance can be used from birth. It is the ideal way to check your baby’s temperature of an older child who may be asleep and not wanting to be disturbed. The thermometer is quick and accurate and has even had a backlit display so you won’t have to turn the light on when testing your child’s temperature at night.

Chicco Thermo Distance Thermometer For Kids

What I like is the fact this is a non-contact product. The Thermo Distance has 10 memories for recording temperatures is succession and a quick Fever check option which will be useful for anyone who uses it.

Chicco Thermo Distance Thermometer For Kids

Are Digital Thermometers More Accurate Than Glass Ones?

There always safety concerns with glass and mercury thermometers, as a child can bite down unexpectedly and thus cause unnecessary injury to themselves. As a result, digital thermometers are just as accurate with advances in technology over the last few years. Some have memory settings for quick diagnosis for fevers. This can help doctors or pharmacies in dispensing the correct medications relieve fevers etc.

How Accurate Are Forehead Thermometers?

Forehead thermometers or forehead temperates sometimes have a deviation of 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. However, as explained earlier, as there more advances in technology. Forehead scanners are becoming more accurate as oral temperatures.

I’m really pleased I got to review this Thermometer and I love the whole concept and functionality it has. I think it’s great for making temperature testing less invasive and what is even cooler is the Thermo distance is multifunctional. It can be used to test the temperature of a baby bottle, breakfast or a bath. Now I think that is pretty awesome.

*I was sent this product for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Angela x

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  1. This looks really good! It’s no fun trying to get an accurate temperature from a poorly child and this looks like it would make it easier!

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