5 Must-Have Cast Iron Camping Cookware Ideas for Campfire Cooking

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Summer is the perfect time for camping trips with friends and family. And what’s a camping trip without good food cooked on the open flame?

As more people are trying to get outdoors, they’re looking for great campfire cooking kits to make delicious food on the crackling fire.

If you’re looking for the perfect cast iron camping cookware to complete your camp kitchen, look no further!

From pots and skillets, to Dutch ovens, we have you covered. 

So, read on to learn more about these essential pieces of cookware!

What Is the Best Cast Iron Camping Cookware?

Whether you’re car camping and sleeping in your tent, or living your best van life, cast iron is the best option if you don’t need to worry about carrying some extra pounds.

In this post, we’ll cover the 5 best cast iron camping cookware.

Click an item in the table of contents to jump right to it:

  • Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All
  • Barebones 10″ All-In-One Cast-Iron Skillet
  • GSI Outdoors Guidecast Dutch Oven – 7 Qt
  • Lodge Reversible Griddle/Grill
  • Rome Square Pie Iron

Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All


The Lodge Cast Iron Cook-It-All, a flexible tool for grilling, griddling, sautéing, and baking, comes with five cooking set-ups that open up a world of possibilities for your camping meals.

Use it as a wok, skillet, grill, griddle, pizza oven, or dutch oven!

Detachable handles make this easy to move around your cooking area, too.

Why We Like It

  • 5 foundry pre seasoned, durable cooking configurations available for just 2 pieces of cast iron
  • Includes a 14 in. grill/griddle, 6.8 qt. lid/wok, and 2 stainless-steel handles that easily move the cast iron pan from your campfire to your serving area.
  • A tips and tricks guidebook is also included to get you motivated to use the item


MSRP $139.95

Barebones 10″ All-In-One Cast-Iron Skillet


The Barebones All-In-One Cast-Iron Skillet is the perfect cookware for campfire cooking.

It is made of durable cast iron with a stainless steel ring for handling the lid. The skillet also has 2 pour spouts, and an easy-grip handle.

The Barebones 2 liter skillet is ideal for cooking omelets, stir-fry, cakes, and more.

Why We Like It

  • Ultra-polished cast-iron cooking surface
  • The reversible lid sits nicely on the skillet for an additional flat cooking surface
  • Dual-pour spouts provide adjustable ventilation by rotating the lid as desired for easy temperature control


MSRP $95.00

GSI Outdoors Guidecast Dutch Oven – 7 Qt


Cast iron cookware is a must for any camper, and the GSI Outdoors Guidecast Dutch Oven is one of the best.

The Guidecast has a capacity of 7 quarts, making it perfect for large groups.

It also has a sturdy build that can withstand high heat, making it ideal for cooking over an open fire. The nitride coating helps prevent corrosion over time and increases its durability.

Finally, this item includes its own fire stand.

Why We Like It

  • Polished interior and exterior bottoms can be used for outdoor cooking on campfires as well as on induction stoves in your home
  • Designed and manufactured to last generations
  • 30% lighter than many other cast-iron Dutch ovens, but still offers outstanding performance


MSRP $84.95

Lodge Double Play Reversible Griddle/Grill


The Lodge Double Play Reversible Griddle/Grill is a great option for campfire cooking.

It has a large cooking surface that is perfect for pancakes, burgers, and steaks.

This is also awesome for people who want meatless grilling options in their vegetarian meal plan.

The griddle is reversible, so you can use it as a grill, too. It also comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

Why We Like It

  • Foundry seasoned: ready to use out of the box
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces – grills, campfires, camping stove, and ovens
  • Use the smooth side for grilled cheese, eggs, pancakes; the ribbed side for steak, burgers, veggies, bacon – and more!


MSRP $42.95

Rome Square Pie Iron


If you’re looking for cast iron cookware that will help you make delicious pies or hot sandwiches over the campfire, then you need the Rome Square Pie Iron.

The top and bottom of the pie iron are hinged, so you can easily open it up to add your ingredients.

Child-friendly handles on the ends of the pie iron make it safe and easy to hold over the campfire so you can take your camping kids meals to the next level – be sure to supervise, though!

So if you’re looking for an easy way to make pies over the campfire, be sure to check out the Rome Square Pie Iron.

Why We Like It

  •  Solid cast-iron for long-lasting durability
  •  Wooden handles keep your hands from getting too hot when flipping or moving to the table
  •  Easy to clean – just brush out and wash the pie irons


MSRP $22.50

What Is Cast Iron Camping Cookware?

This is a type of cookware that is made from cast iron. Cast iron is a type of metal that is made by pouring molten iron into a mold, and letting it cool.

Cast iron has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, including cookware, electrical fittings, hand tools, and machine parts. Cast iron pots and pans are known for their durability, and even heat distribution.

Camping cookware is becoming increasingly popular as more people camp and hike in the great outdoors.

So, why use cast iron?

There are many reasons why you may want to use cast iron camping cookware. A cast iron pan or pot is durable, so they can withstand being used over the high heat of a campfire or camp stove.

Cast iron distributes heat evenly, so your food will cook well all around instead of needing to move it about the cooking surface.

Cast iron is also non-stick if you season your cookware properly.


There are many great options for cast iron camping cookware.

We’ve listed a few of our favorites here, as well as some reasons why you may want to use cast iron cookware while camping.

Be sure to check out all the cookware options and find the perfect one before you plan your next trip outdoors.

Happy cooking!

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