Blackpool Pleasure Beach Family Day Out

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This week I went with my family to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. As you may know my parents and siblings live in New Zealand and so with them being over to visit this Summer, I really wanted us to have a day out we could remember. It’s not often we get to go out together, especially with my health conditions and my parents living at the other side of the world.

We planned our day at Blackpool pleasure beach and the weather report said it would be sunny. The day was far from sunny and we had sudden downpours of rain on and off. Luckily we were able to purchase ponchos for £2.50 each to help keep us dry.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has so many rides, It’s impossible to get through them all in one day. Our first destination was Nickelodeon Land which was perfect for my family, for Sylvia my nine year old daughter and James my special needs brother.

There were a selection of rides in Nickelodeon Land from easy gentle rides to more scary rides. Sylvia was old enough and tall enough to go on any ride in Nickelodeon land and she absolutely loved it. The rides were all themed to popular Nickelodeon tv shows which were recognisable to my daughter and brother and made the visit even more exciting.

My brother James was a little more apprehensive. He has a condition very similar to Downs Syndrome and therefore was a little more picky on which rides he went on but he sure had a wonderful time. He loved the day and especially enjoyed hearing pop music from the loud speakers and dancing to the beat.

Sylvia and James went on the Krusty Krab Order Up. This was a fun ride that went up and down. The Kids really enjoyed this ride and this is perfect for any child, with smaller children requiring an accompanied adult.

One of the fun experiences at Nickelodeon Land was the Sponge Bob Splash Bash. If you go on this ride, be prepared to get wet. I kind of wish we had taken our ponchos as I did not expect to be soaked. Each person has a squirter to wet other people and I was picked out by a group of teens who constantly squirted me. Luckily there was a dry machine which cost £2 and it helped me to dry off quickly. I guess if it had been a sunny day this may have been the ideal ride.

Another fun but wet ride is the Rugrats Lost River a log fume ride which I loved. I have to admit the Log Fume is my favourite ride in a theme park. I personally only went on four rides due to my adrenal Insufficiency. I have an adrenal pump and I was able to increase the dosage of my medication to cover any extra cortisol my body would need during the log fume.

Despite our best efforts we were drenched. Our trousers were soaked right up to our belt line, our socks were soaking and our shoes squelching with water. This is for sure a fun ride but I would suggest maybe taking some shorts in your bag for this ride and flip flops or waiting until the end of the day. A lightweight carry bag is always a better option

I do think the heavier the people in the log fume the more you get wet. So maybe going two by two would be better than as a family of four.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a great place for the teenager or young adult. My Cousin John went on all the scary rides which he absolutely loved. He went on The Big One, The Blue Flyer and many other thrill seeking rides. He absolutely loved these rides and they are the types of rides I would have gone on before I developed Adrenal Failure.

Due to my health I was only able to stay in the Park for a few hours at which time I needed to leave to rest. For a normal everyday family, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is somewhere you can spend a whole day and have a fantastic time.

After I went to rest my family moved onto another section of the theme park. Sylvia loved the Steeple Chase which she said was a little scary but fun. She loved the racing cars and going in the Dodgems with her Grandpa.

My brother James who is highly skilled at Basketball had a turn at the Basketball stall. He did amazingly well and won a huge giant bean bag style Monster for him and for Sylvia. It was really awesome. James and Sylvia were both so pleased.

The stall worker even said it was uncommon for people to get the basket never mind win two in a row but James did it. Seriously can you picture us in a seven seater car travelling home with all our luggage and these balls! It was jam packed but we sure had fun.

We really loved our day out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It was super fun and is a great place to take the kids and the family. There are rides for all ages and you can have fun there on a sunny or rainy day. Thank you Blackpool for having us. It was fantastic.

*We were given complimentary day passes as part of this written review.

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    1. We had a fantastic time too. Just too bad we picked a day for it start off pouring it down with rain.


  1. Sounds like you had an incredible day. I’ve never been to Blackpool but it’s definitely on my travel wish list. So glad you got to spend time with your family during their visit, and that your brother and daughter enjoyed the day so much. Your face on the first log flume picture is so funny

  2. We’ve not been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in ages! I’m hoping it will still be open when the illuminations are on though as we’re hoping to go and see them this year. It looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    Louise x

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