170+ Best Mexican Girl Names

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Picking out the perfect name for your little girl is an exciting trip, especially when you dip into the beautiful world of Mexican Girl Names.

We’ve gathered over 170 gorgeous Mexican Baby Girl Names that are sure to capture your heart. From names inspired by nature to those steeped in historical significance, there’s something here for every parent looking to give their daughter a name as special as she is.

mexican girl names

Mexican Names For Girls

Here’s a list of lovely and unique Mexican names that are just right for your new bundle of joy. Each name carries a special meaning and a touch of the rich cultural heritage of Mexico, making them perfect for your precious little girl.

Mexican Girl Names That Start With A

  • Ada – Origin: Latin and Hebrew; Meaning “of noble birth” and “adorned,” Ada is a sweet, timeless name that carries with it a sense of elegance and grace, perfect for your baby girl.
  • Amada – Origin: Spanish; This name means “beloved” or “dearly loved,” embodying a deep emotional connection and is a beautiful choice reflecting the romance language heritage.
  • Ariana – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning “like a beautiful melody,” Ariana is a melodious and feminine version of a name that resonates with beauty and harmony, fitting for a little girl with a joyful spirit.
  • Daniela – Origin: Hebrew; A popular name meaning “God is my judge,” Daniela is the feminine version of Daniel and is widely appreciated in the Spanish language community for its classic appeal.
  • Liliana – Origin: Latin; Meaning “lily,” Liliana is a floral and delicate name that suggests purity and beauty. It is a lovely option for a Mexican girl with a gentle soul.
  • Aurelia – Origin: Latin; The name means “the golden one” and is associated with someone who has a radiant personality and a heart of gold, a luminous pick for your shining star.
  • Arianna – Origin: Latin; Signifying “holy one” or “peace,” Arianna is a name that echoes with serenity and grace, ideal for a girl who is a beacon of peace and joy.

Cute Mexican Girl Names That Start With B

  • Bianca – Origin: Italian, Meaning “white,” Bianca is a bright and beautiful name that’s widely embraced in Mexico for its purity and simplicity, perfect for your little one.
  • Beatriz – Origin: Latin; This name means “she who brings happiness,” and Beatriz is a joyful and classic Spanish name that promises a life filled with smiles for your baby girl.
  • Belinda – Origin: Germanic word meaning “bright serpent” or “beautiful,” Belinda is an enchanting choice that blends mystery with allure, ideal for a girl with a captivating personality.
  • Blanca – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “white,” Blanca is a name that’s as pure and clean as the driven snow, evoking a sense of innocence and beauty for your sweet baby girl.
  • Brissa – Origin: Greek; Adapted to the Spanish language, Brissa, meaning “breeze,” is a light and airy name that’s reminiscent of a gentle wind, perfect for a girl with a soft and kind spirit.
  • Berta – Origin: German, Meaning “bright” or “famous,” Berta is a strong and solid name that has a vintage charm, making it a unique choice for your standout girl.
  • Bernarda – Origin: Germanic; This powerful name means “strong as a bear,” a fitting name for your baby girl who will grow up with courage and strength.
  • Brisa – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “breeze,” Brisa is a whisper-soft name that’s as refreshing as the morning air, suited for a baby girl with a calm and soothing presence.

Popular Mexican Girl Names That Start With C

  • Camila – Origin: Latin; Meaning “young ceremonial attendant,” Camila is a timeless name beloved in Mexico, perfect for your baby girl with a strong and noble spirit.
  • Carla – Origin: German; Carla, a popular name in Mexico, means “free woman,” a beautiful choice for your independent and spirited Mexican girl.
  • Carmen – Origin: Hebrew; A Spanish name meaning “garden” or “orchard,” Carmen evokes beauty and serenity, ideal for a girl as lovely as a rose.
  • Catalina – Origin: Greek; This name means “pure,” making Catalina a classic and elegant choice that’s as beautiful and refined as its Spanish form suggests.
  • Cecilia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “blind to one’s own beauty,” Cecilia is a beloved name in Mexico for a girl with a humble heart and an inner radiance.
  • Clara – Origin: Latin; Meaning “bright” or “clear,” Clara is a shining name for a Mexican girl with a luminous personality and a bright future ahead.
  • Constanza – Origin: Latin; This name means “constant” or “steadfast,” a strong and timeless name for a girl with unwavering spirit and determination.
  • Cruz – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “cross,” Cruz is a spiritual and profound name, often chosen for a Mexican girl as a symbol of faith and devotion.

Mexican Baby Girl Names Starting With D

  • Daniela – Origin: Hebrew; A Spanish name meaning “God is my judge,” Daniela is a popular choice in Mexico, perfect for your wise and discerning baby girl.
  • Dalia – Origin: Arabic; Widely loved in Mexico, Dalia means “gentle” or “branch,” a lovely pick for your delicate and beautiful girl.
  • Diana – Origin: Latin; Meaning “divine,” Diana is a classic name that carries grace and strength, fitting for a girl with a royal spirit.
  • Dulce – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “sweet,” Dulce is as charming and endearing as it sounds, a perfect sugar-sweet name for your little one.
  • Desireé – Origin: French; Adopted into the lexicon of baby names in Mexico, Desireé, meaning “desired,” is a romantic and expressive choice for your beloved daughter.
  • Débora – Origin: Hebrew; The Spanish version of Deborah, meaning “bee,” Débora is a buzzing name suggesting diligence and industriousness, ideal for your busy little bee.
  • Dominique – Origin: Latin; Although not traditionally Mexican, Dominique has found its place among baby names in Mexico, meaning “of the Lord,” a distinguished and timeless choice.
  • Dorotea – Origin: Greek; A Spanish title meaning “gift of God,” Dorotea is a venerable and refined name, echoing deep gratitude and blessedness for your little girl.

Feminine Mexican Names For Babies Starting With E

  • Elena – Origin: Greek; A Spanish name meaning “shining light,” Elena is beloved in Mexican culture, symbolizing hope and radiance for your beautiful girl.
  • Esmeralda – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “emerald,” Esmeralda is as precious and sought-after as the gemstone, a stunning choice reflecting Mexican beauty.
  • Estrella – Origin: Spanish; Signifying “star,” Estrella shines bright in the sky of baby names, illuminating your family with its celestial beauty.
  • Elisa – Origin: Hebrew; A Latin name meaning “God is my oath,” Elisa is a tender and devout choice, resonating deeply in the hearts of Mexican families.
  • Eva – Origin: Hebrew; The feminine version of Eve, meaning “life” or “living one,” Eva is a classic and vibrant choice, embodying the spirit of life itself.
  • Ezti – Origin: Basque, meaning “honey,” Ezti is a sweet and unique name that introduces a touch of Basque word magic into the Mexican naming tradition.
  • Encarnación – Origin: Spanish; A profound name meaning “incarnation,” Encarnación echoes deep religious roots and the essence of femininity within Mexican culture.

Unique Mexican Girl Names That Start With F

  • Fabiola – Origin: Latin, Meaning “bean grower,” Fabiola is a charming and unique choice among Mexican girl names, perfect for your little one who’s destined to grow strong and resilient.
  • Fernanda – Origin: German; A Latin name meaning “adventurous” or “bold voyager,” Fernanda is a powerful and spirited choice for your adventurous Mexican girl.
  • Fiorella – Origin: Italian: Though of Italian origin, Fiorella, meaning “little flower,” has found its niche within Mexican culture, offering a delicate and blossoming option for your baby girl.
  • Frida – Origin: German; With Spanish roots deepened by the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, this name means “peace,” symbolizing strength and creativity for your little artist.
  • Felicia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “lucky” or “successful,” Felicia is a joyful and optimistic Spanish name, radiating positivity and good fortune for your daughter.
  • Florinda – Origin: Latin; A Spanish form meaning “blooming” or “flourishing,” Florinda is a lush and vibrant name, evoking images of blooming gardens under the Mexican sun.
  • Fátima – Origin: Arabic. With a strong spiritual significance in Mexico, Fátima means “to abstain,” offering a deep and meaningful choice that honors both religious devotion and cultural heritage.

Old Mexican Names For Girls Starting With G

  • Gabriela – Origin: Hebrew; A Spanish name meaning “God is my strength,” Gabriela is an ancient choice that resonates with power and grace in Mexico.
  • Gertrudis – Origin: German. With its roots in romance languages, Gertrudis means “spear of strength,” a steadfast and strong name for your unyielding girl.
  • Gloria – Origin: Latin; Meaning “glory,” Gloria is among the most Mexican names, evoking a sense of pride and celestial beauty for your daughter.
  • Graciela – Origin: Spanish; A feminine version of Gracielo, meaning “grace,” Graciela is a beautifully traditional choice that embodies elegance and charm.
  • Guadalupe – Origin: Arabic; Named after the Virgin Mary, “Our Lady of Guadalupe,” this name holds a significant spiritual and cultural place in Mexico, symbolizing faith and devotion.
  • Guillermina – Origin: German; Transformed into a Spanish name, Guillermina means “will-helmet” or “protection,” a historic and noble choice for your little protector.
  • Gisela – Origin: German; Adopted into the tapestry of Latin origin names, Gisela means “pledge,” a promise of loyalty and steadfastness for your girl.
  • Ginevra – Origin: Italian; An Italian name meaning “white shadow, white wave,” Ginevra is a rare and elegant feminine form, offering a touch of mystery and refinement.

Beautiful Mexican Girl Names That Start With H

  • Helena – Origin: Greek; A well-spoken choice among parents, Helena, meaning “light” or “bright,” is a beautiful name that brings a sense of radiance and clarity to your daughter’s life.
  • Hermosa – Origin: Spanish; True to its roots, Hermosa means “beautiful” in Spanish, a straightforward and lovely choice that perfectly describes your little one.
  • Hilaria – Origin: Latin; Drawing from the romance language, Hilaria signifies “cheerful” or “happy,” a name that promises joy and laughter in your family.
  • Honorina – Origin: Latin; A Spanish name meaning “honor,” Honorina is a noble selection that instills a sense of dignity and esteem in your girl.
  • Henrietta – Origin: French; The feminine version of Henry, Henrietta means “home ruler,” offering your daughter a touch of French name elegance and leadership qualities.
  • Hadassah – Origin: Hebrew; A Hebrew name meaning “myrtle tree,” Hadassah is known for its biblical significance and depth, making it a meaningful choice for your child.
  • Harper – Origin: English: While not a traditional Mexican name, Harper, meaning “harp player,” has gained popularity among Mexican parents for its melodic and artistic connotations.
  • Holly – Origin: English; Borrowing from the Irish name Hollie, Holly represents the holly tree, a symbol of peace and goodwill, making it a cherished choice for your little girl.

Mexican Female Names That Start With I

  • Iliana – Origin: Greek; Meaning “ray of light,” Iliana is a bright and hopeful choice, perfect for your little girl who’s destined to shine brightly in life.
  • Isabela – Origin: Spanish; A variant of Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God,” is a timeless and elegant option among popular Mexican names.
  • Irene – Origin: Greek; Signifying “peace,” Irene is a serene and beautiful Greek name, ideal for your calm and peaceful daughter.
  • Inez – Origin: Spanish; Derived from Agnes, meaning “chaste one,” Inez is a name rich in heritage and grace, offering a touch of traditional beauty.
  • Ivette – Origin: French; Though of French origin, Ivette has been warmly embraced in Mexico, meaning “yew tree,” symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Isadora – Origin: Greek Meaning “gift of Isis,” Isadora is a unique and majestic choice, perfect for your little goddess with a strong and vibrant spirit.

Popular Mexican Girls Names Starting With J

  • Jimena – Origin: Spanish; A powerful and regal choice, Jimena means “listener,” perfect for your attentive and thoughtful little girl.
  • Juana – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning “God is gracious,” Juana is a deeply spiritual name that resonates with faith and grace in Mexican culture.
  • Julia – Origin: Latin; Symbolizing youthful and vivacious energy, Julia is a timeless and joyous pick for your lively and cheerful daughter.
  • Jazmin – Origin: Persian; With its sweet fragrance, Jazmin, meaning “jasmine flower,” is a delicate and beautiful name for your precious little one.
  • Julieta – Origin: Latin; Evoking romantic imagery, Julieta means “youthful” and is perfect for your passionate and spirited Mexican female.
  • Jacinta – Origin: Greek; Meaning “hyacinth,” Jacinta symbolizes playfulness and happiness, a vibrant pick for your joyful and sunny girl.
  • Janet – Origin: English: Though of English origin, Janet has become popular in Mexico, meaning “God’s gracious gift,” it’s a cherished name for your beloved daughter.

Traditional Mexican Women Names That Start With K

  • Karina – Origin: Scandinavian; Though not originally from Mexico, Karina has become one of the most popular names, meaning “pure,” perfect for your innocent and lovely baby girl.
  • Karen – Origin: Greek; A name that signifies “pure,” Karen is widely cherished among Mexican families for its simplicity and timeless charm.
  • Katia – Origin: Russian; Adopted into the heart of Mexican culture, Katia, meaning “pure,” offers a unique and spirited choice for your vibrant little one.
  • Kenia – Origin: African, Meaning “animal horn,” Kenia is a unique name in Mexico but has gained popularity for its exotic sound and global appeal.
  • Kimberly – Origin: English; An uncommon choice for Mexican last names, Kimberly, meaning “from the meadow of the royal fortress,” brings a touch of nobility and strength.
  • Karla – Origin: German; Meaning “free man,” or in this context, “free woman,” Karla is a strong and independent name that resonates well within Mexican communities.
  • Kassandra – Origin: Greek; With roots meaning “she who entangles men,” Kassandra offers a name that is both intriguing and bold for your captivating daughter.

Pretty Mexican Girl Names Starting With L

  • Luz – Origin: Spanish; Derived from the Latin word lux, meaning “light,” Luz is a radiant and uplifting choice, perfect for your little girl who brightens every room she enters.
  • Lorena – Origin: Latin; Symbolizing “laurel,” which denotes honor and victory, Lorena is a noble and beautiful name for your daughter, reflecting the strength and grace of a woman in Mexico.
  • Lucia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “light,” Lucia is a name full of brightness and charm, ideal for your baby girl who’s destined to shine in life.
  • Liliana – Origin: Latin; Signifying “lily,” a symbol of purity and beauty, Liliana is a delicate and pretty choice for your precious one.
  • Leticia – Origin: Latin, Meaning “joy” and “gladness,” Leticia is a joyful and vibrant name, perfect for your happy and smiling baby girl.
  • Luna – Origin: Latin; Representing “moon,” Luna is a magical and celestial name, ideal for your little girl who is fascinated with the night sky.
  • Leonora – Origin: Greek; A variant of Eleanor, meaning “light,” Leonora is an elegant and timeless choice that carries a sense of nobility and brightness.
  • Lidia – Origin: Greek, Meaning “woman from Lydia,” Lidia is a name that exudes a sense of warmth and friendliness, suitable for your loving and sociable daughter.

Mexican Baby Girl Names Starting With M

  • Marisol – Origin: Spanish; Combining “mar,” meaning sea, and “sol,” meaning sun, Marisol evokes the beauty of the sunny sea, a bright and cheerful choice for your radiant little girl.
  • Maya – Origin: Multiple origins, including Hebrew and Greek. Meaning “water” in Hebrew, Maya is a versatile and globally beloved name, perfect for your adaptable and free-spirited daughter.
  • Mireya – Origin: Spanish; Signifying “miracle” or “admired,” Mireya is a name that’s as magical and wonderful as your little girl is sure to be.
  • Montserrat – Origin: Catalan, Meaning “serrated mountain,” Montserrat is a unique and strong name inspired by the famous mountain near Barcelona, ideal for your adventurous and resilient daughter.
  • Marina – Origin: Latin; Meaning “of the sea,” Marina is a serene and beautiful name, fitting for your calm and graceful daughter with a connection to the ocean’s tranquility.
  • Melina – Origin: Greek; Signifying “honey,” Melina is a sweet and affectionate choice, perfect for your precious and sweet girl.
  • Mercedes – Origin: Spanish; meaning “mercies” (plural of mercy), Mercedes is a classic and elegant name that reflects grace and compassion. It is a lovely pick for your kind-hearted daughter.
  • Milagros – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “miracles,” Milagros is a name full of hope and wonder, a miraculous choice for your little girl who’s a true blessing to your family.

Common Mexican Names For Girls That Start With N

  • Natalia – Origin: Latin, Meaning “birthday of the Lord” or “Christmas Day,” Natalia is a joyous and festive choice, perfect for your little girl born during the holiday season or to bring joy all year round.
  • Nadia – Origin: Slavic; Signifying “hope,” Nadia is a beautiful name that embodies optimism and positivity, ideal for your hopeful and bright-eyed daughter.
  • Noemi – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning “pleasantness,” is a sweet and delightful name, perfect for your charming and agreeable baby girl.
  • Nereida – Origin: Greek; Symbolizing “sea nymphs,” Nereida is a unique and enchanting name that fits your daughter’s love for the ocean and its mysteries.
  • Nayeli – Origin: Zapotec, meaning “I love you,” Nayeli is a deeply affectionate and loving name that is wonderful for expressing your love for your little one.
  • Norma – Origin: Latin; Signifying “pattern” or “norm,” Norma is a traditional yet strong name suited for your girl who’s set to become a role model in her own right.
  • Nicolasa – Origin: Greek, Meaning “victory of the people,” Nicolasa is a powerful and dignified name, perfect for your little leader with a strong and commanding presence.
  • Nidia – Origin: Greek; Meaning “nest,” Nidia is a cozy and nurturing name, ideal for your caring and protective daughter who brings warmth to your family nest.

Top Mexican Female Names That Start With O

  • Olivia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “olive tree,” Olivia is a symbol of peace and beauty, a popular choice for your graceful and harmonious little girl.
  • Ofelia – Origin: Greek; With its roots meaning “help,” Ofelia is a poetic and romantic name, perfect for your sensitive and imaginative daughter.
  • Odalis – Origin: German; Signifying “wealthy,” Odalis is a unique and charming name suited for your girl who’s destined to lead a prosperous life.
  • Octavia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “eighth,” Octavia is a noble and classic name, ideal for your daughter born in the eighth month or symbolizing a new beginning.
  • Oriana – Origin: Latin; Signifying “dawn” or “gold,” Oriana is a bright and precious name, perfect for your radiant and valuable baby girl.
  • Ophelie – Origin: French; The French name means “help,” and Ophelie is elegant and sophisticated, a beautiful choice for your compassionate and kind-hearted girl.
  • Ornella – Origin: Italian; Meaning “flowering ash tree,” Ornella is a uniquely beautiful Italian name, ideal for your nature-loving and vibrant daughter.

Unique Mexican Baby Girl Names Starting With P

  • Paloma – Origin: Spanish; Meaning “dove,” Paloma is a symbol of peace and purity, a serene and beautiful choice for your baby girl, reflecting hope and gentleness.
  • Patricia – Origin: Latin; A timeless name meaning “noble,” Patricia is the feminine version of Patrick, perfect for your girl destined to lead with grace and dignity.
  • Paulina – Origin: Latin; Signifying “small” or “humble,” Paulina is a sweet and endearing name, ideal for your little one who will grow with a kind and modest heart.
  • Perla – Origin: Italian/Spanish; Meaning “pearl,” Perla is a precious and rare name, capturing the essence of beauty and value, a jewel of a name for your Mexican girl.
  • Pilar – Origin: Spanish; Symbolizing “pillar” or “strength,” Pilar is a strong and spiritual name rooted in faith and steadfastness, perfect for your resilient daughter.
  • Pia – Origin: Latin; Meaning “pious” or “devout,” Pia is a short but deeply meaningful name, reflecting devotion and sincerity, a lovely pick for your virtuous baby girl.
  • Priscila – Origin: Latin; Signifying “ancient” or “venerable,” Priscila is an elegant and timeless name, ideal for your girl with a soul beyond her years.
  • Penélope – Origin: Greek; Adopted into the Spanish language with romance and allure, Penélope means “weaver,” a fitting name for your creative and skillful daughter, weaving her own unique path.

Pretty Mexican Women Names That Start With Q

  • Queta – Origin: Spanish; A diminutive of Enriqueta, Queta is endearing and unique, perfect for your little girl who will stand out with her charm and vivacity, embodying the warmth of a Mexican girl.
  • Queralt – Origin: Catalan; Meaning “cliff,” Queralt is rare and majestic, ideal for your daughter who’ll be strong and unwavering in her convictions, just like the cliffs that withstand the ocean’s force.
  • Quintana – Origin: Latin; Signifying “fifth,” Quintana is traditionally a surname turned into a chic first name, perfect for the fifth member of your family or to symbolize grace under the number five’s mystique.
  • Quirina – Origin: Latin; Meaning “warrior” or “spear,” Quirina is a powerful and bold choice, suited for your little fighter who’ll grow up to be fierce and protective.

Mexican Unique Names For Girls Starting With R

  • Reyna – Origin: Spanish, Meaning “queen,” a name that exudes regality and grace, ideal for your little girl who’s born to stand out with her natural leadership and charm.
  • Rocio – Origin: Spanish; Signifying “dew,” Rocio is a fresh and lovely name, capturing the beauty and freshness of nature’s morning gift, perfect for your daughter who brings new light into your life.
  • Rosario – Origin: Latin; Meaning “rosary,” Rosario is a spiritually rich and revered name suited for your girl who will grow up with faith and grace, a common yet deeply meaningful name among l.
  • Renata – Origin: Latin; Meaning “reborn,” Renata is a name that symbolizes renewal and hope, a beautiful choice for your daughter who represents a new beginning in your life.
  • Ramona – Origin: German; adapted into Spanish, Ramona means “wise protector,” a strong and nurturing name ideal for your daughter, who will grow up to be wise and protective.
  • Rebeca – Origin: Hebrew; With its roots meaning “to tie,” Rebeca is a name that’s as classic as it is enchanting, suitable for your girl who’ll bind your family together with love and unity.

Lovely Mexican Girls Names Starting With S

  • Sofía – Origin: Greek; Adopted into the Spanish version, Sofía means “wisdom,” a popular and lovely Mexican female name that signifies intelligence and grace, ideal for your wise and beautiful daughter.
  • Salma – Origin: Arabic, Meaning “peace” or “safety,” Salma is a serene and charming choice, perfect for your peaceful and protective girl, embodying the strength and tranquility of her heritage.
  • Silvia – Origin: Latin; Signifying “forest,” Silvia is a name that evokes nature’s beauty and resilience, suitable for your girl who will grow with the strength and elegance of a tree.
  • Saraí – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning “princess,” Saraí is a unique and royal choice, perfect for your little girl who’s destined to command her own kingdom with grace and dignity.
  • Selena – Origin: Greek Meaning “moon,” Selena captures the mystique and luminous beauty of the night sky, ideal for your daughter who lights up your world.
  • Sonia – Origin: Slavic; Signifying “wisdom,” Sonia is a name that blends cultural richness with a timeless appeal suited for your insightful and discerning daughter.
  • Savannah – Adapted into the Spanish version, Savannah means “treeless plain” in English but is embraced for its exotic and free-spirited nature, perfect for your adventurous and spirited girl.
  • Susana – Origin: Hebrew, meaning “lily,” Susana is a sweet and delicate name that reflects purity and joy, a blossom of a name for your delightful and cheerful daughter.

Traditional Mexican Female Names Starting With T

  • Teresa – Origin: Greek, Meaning “to harvest,” Teresa is a name rich with history and grace, symbolizing patience and diligence, a classic choice for your daughter who’ll grow strong and nurturing.
  • Trinidad – Origin: Spanish; Signifying “trinity,” Trinidad is a deeply spiritual name that reflects faith and unity, perfect for your girl who will embody harmony and connection.
  • Teodora – Origin: Greek, Meaning “gift of God,” Teodora is a powerful and divine name suited for your precious daughter who is seen as a blessing to your family.
  • Tomasa – Origin: Aramaic; The feminine version of Thomas, meaning “twin,” is unique and storied, perfect for your girl who will always have a companion in her heritage.
  • Tania – Origin: Latin; Short form of Tatiana, Tania embodies independence and charm, a modern twist on traditional names, suitable for your spirited and lively daughter.
  • Talía – Origin: Greek; Meaning “blooming,” Talía is vibrant and beautiful, evoking images of nature in full bloom, an ideal name for your daughter who will thrive and flourish.
  • Tamara – Origin: Hebrew; Meaning “palm tree,” Tamara symbolizes beauty and resilience, a timeless name for your girl who will stand tall and graceful through life’s challenges.

Mexican Girl Names That Start With U

  • Ursula – Origin: Latin; Meaning “little bear,” Ursula is a name with ancient roots and a touch of whimsy, perfect for your little girl who is as brave and adventurous as a bear cub exploring the world.
  • Ulalia – Origin: Greek; Signifying “sweetly speaking,” Ulalia is a melodious and unique name, ideal for your daughter whose voice will be as sweet and comforting as a lullaby.
  • Uma – Origin: Sanskrit, meaning “tranquility,” Uma is a serene and simple choice, reflecting calmness and peace, and it is a beautiful name for your girl who will bring harmony wherever she goes.
  • Unai – Origin: Basque; Signifying “cowherd,” Unai is traditionally a male name but used uniquely for girls in modern times, perfect for your daughter with a strong and free spirit.

Mexican Women Names That Start With V

  • Valeria Origin: Latin; Meaning “to be strong,” Valeria is a name that resonates with courage and elegance, perfect for a girl who will grow into a woman of strength and grace.
  • Veronica – Origin: Greek; Signifying “she who brings victory” or “true image,” Veronica represents triumph and authenticity, a wonderful choice for your daughter, who will surely make her mark on the world.
  • Violeta – Origin: Latin; Meaning “purple,” Violeta captures the essence of beauty, creativity, and royal qualities, ideal for a girl as unique and precious as the flower itself.
  • Virginia – Origin: Latin; Signifying “virginal” or “pure,” Virginia is a classic name with a sense of innocence and integrity, suited for a girl with a pure heart and spirit.
  • Valentina – Origin: Latin; Meaning “strong and healthy,” Valentina is a name filled with passion and vitality, perfect for your daughter, who will overflow with life and warmth.
  • Vanesa – Origin: Greek; Signifying “butterfly,” Vanesa symbolizes transformation and grace, a beautiful choice for your little girl, who will evolve into a magnificent individual.
  • Viviana – Origin: Latin; Meaning “alive,” Viviana is a vibrant name that exudes energy and life, fitting for a girl who will approach every day with zest and enthusiasm.
  • Vianey – Origin: Modern: While its origins are more contemporary and unclear, Vianey is considered unique and fashionable, perfect for a girl who will be recognized for her individuality and charm.

Common Mexican Girl Names Starting With W

  • Wendy – Origin: English; Meaning “friend” or derived from a literary character, Wendy has been adopted in various cultures, including Mexico, symbolizing friendship and warmth.
  • Wilma – Origin: German; Signifying “will-helmet” or “protection,” Wilma is a name that suggests strength and determination, attributes any parent might wish for their daughter.
  • Whitney – Origin: English; Meaning “white island,” Whitney, though of English origin, could be chosen by modern Mexican families for its unique sound and international appeal.
  • Wanda – Origin: Polish/German; Signifying “a slender, young tree” or “wanderer,” Wanda, though not of Mexican origin, resonates with themes of nature and exploration.
  • Winona – Origin: Native American, Meaning “firstborn daughter,” Winona, while not Mexican, would resonate with Indigenous values, emphasizing the importance of family and heritage.
  • Willow – Origin: English; Signifying “willow tree,” Willow is chosen for its association with grace, flexibility, and beauty, appealing to families appreciating nature’s elegance.

Rare Mexican Girl Names That Start With X

  • Ximena – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning “listener,” Ximena is a name that symbolizes wisdom and attentiveness, making it perfect for the youngest sister who brings understanding and warmth to her family.
  • Xochitl – Origin: Nahuatl, meaning “flower,” Xochitl celebrates beauty and growth, which is ideal for the youngest sister, who adds beauty and joy to every moment with her family.
  • Xitlali – Origin: Nahuatl, Meaning “star,” Xitlali represents brightness and guidance, fitting for the youngest sister whose spirit and love illuminate the path for those around her.
  • Xareni – Origin: Zapotec, Meaning “princess of the forest,” Xareni embodies a connection to nature and a noble spirit, perfect for the youngest sister who stands tall and proud within her family.

Unique Indigenous Mexican Names For Girls Starting With Y

  • Yaretzi – Origin: Nahuatl; Signifying “you will always be loved,” Yaretzi is a testament to the enduring spirit and love that characterizes many indigenous cultures, offering a beautiful message and intention for your daughter’s name.

Mexican Girl Names That Start With Z

  • Zara – Origin: Arabic, Meaning “princess” or “flower,” Zara is a name embraced by Mexican families for its exotic flair and royal essence, perfect for a Mexican female with a strong yet graceful character.
  • Zoila – Origin: Greek; Meaning “life,” Zoila is a vibrant choice that symbolizes the energy and vitality of life, making it a beautiful name for a girl who fills every room with joy.
  • Zulema – Origin: Arabic; Meaning “peace,” Zulema offers a serene and calm vibe, ideal for a girl who brings tranquility and harmony to her surroundings.
  • Zurisadai – Origin: Hebrew, Meaning “rock of salvation,” Zurisadai is a rare and powerful name, signifying strength and protection, a solid choice for a girl who will grow up to be steadfast and reliable.

Choose A Name For Your Chid

We hope this collection of popular Mexican baby girl names has inspired you and helped you on your journey to find the perfect name for your little one. Each name on this list carries its own unique charm and cultural significance, making it a beautiful choice for your baby girl. Whether you’re honoring your heritage or simply drawn to the melodic and meaningful nature of Mexican names, you’re sure to find a gem that resonates with your heart.

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