Beautiful Holiday Decorations You Can Make Under an Hour

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The holiday season is about the family coming together, sharing meals, exchanging gifts, and making merry. But the holiday spirit may never be complete without decorations. 

Beautiful Holiday Decorations

While decorations can cost quite some dollars and time, it doesn’t mean you should give up on decorations. You can get creative and make low-budget decorations without even spending hours to achieve that. 

This guide offers tips for making holiday decorations in under an hour.

Metallic Paper Wreaths

If you are hosting family or friends for the holiday season, having a colorful wreath at the door can help brighten the moods of every person that comes through it. The problem with natural flowers is that they will wither before the season is over, and you want your wreath to look green and fresh all the time. 

This means needing to replace it every few days. Also, you may need to clean up fragments every time you open the door for guests, but not if you make a metallic paper wreath. All you will need is some wires for the structure and cover it up with colored metallic paper cut to look like leaves, flowers, and fruits, and you will have a wreath that stays green for the entire season, and you could save it for reuse the following year. 

Decorate the House With Branches

If you have some cypress branches, you can use them to create fantastic pieces of art to decorate your house. For example, you could place them under the rails of your staircase and complement them by hanging toys and garlands. 

The good thing with branches is that they can cover a vast space, meaning placing just a few can make your room look all set for Christmas. Cypress branches retain their green long, so your decorations look fresh all season long.

Holiday Photo Books, Wall Art, and Calendars

Being artistic is not for everyone, so creating customized decorations may not be an option for everyone. At other times, traditional decorations may not be your thing. But there is an option for you. 

You can get some good Christmas wall art for whatever budget you have at the closest Christmas shop and hang it on your walls to create a Christmas spirit. The best bit is that you only need a few minutes to hang them.

If you have a tradition of taking photos during Christmas, this is the time to replace your everyday wall photos with photos of your times together for Christmas. Alternatively, you could create photo books from photos taken during past seasons to help reminisce on the moments every time you meet. 

You could also get the help of professional designers to create your own calendar from your phone photos to share with your family as reminders of the good times you spent together. 

Paper Wall Stars

Like the Christmas tree, Christmas can never be complete without star decorations. First, a star is often the topmost part of the Christmas tree. But that is not the only place a star can be, you can hang them on the tree or glue them to the walls of your house to complement other decorations, but you have to ensure that you only use glue that cannot damage your walls when you need to remove your decorations. 

The best thing about stars is that it’s easy to make them. You only need some shiny paper, and you can create as many stars as you want within an hour. You are not limited to glossy papers. Manila papers can also do the trick. The good thing with manila papers is that you can customize your stars by sticking glitter or painting them to your liking. 

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