Here’s How Hiring a Divorce Lawyer Can Financially Benefit You

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When your marriage ends, it can feel like the world is ending with it. You may see everything you have ever worked for being taken away piece by piece. Many people are nearly bankrupt after the assets are divided in contested divorces.

You may think a divorce lawyer will cost you an arm and a leg. However, an experienced attorney could be the legal help for initiating a divorce you need. A Huntsville divorce lawyer recently explained to us how hiring a divorce lawyer can benefit you.

Expert Advice

If your spouse suddenly lets you know they want to end the marriage, it can be hard to decide what you should do first. Going to see an attorney should be the first step you take. Without the guidance of someone who understands the law, you will be unprotected. Your spouse will most likely have representation, and the judge will hear more of what they say because you do not know what to ask for. It’s important to learn the difference between child custody and guardianship during this process. Child custody refers to the legal right of a parent to make decisions for their child.

Consider consulting with a reputable family law firm like Kirker Davis to understand your rights and options.

What Will I Need?

When you make an appointment with an attorney, be sure you have all of this information so they can get started on your case.

  • Ages of all parties involved
  • Dates you lived at all residencies
  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • The grounds for your divorce
  • Names of all children and their social security numbers

A divorce lawyer can explain everything about your particular case. Different states have rules depending on what the grounds for divorce are. Being sure you are holding on to everything you are entitled to is important.

Taking Control

One of the biggest things a divorce attorney will do to help in your situation is to take control. After meeting with you and taking an inventory of your marital assets and how you want to divide them, they will negotiate for you. They will be the mediator between you and your spouse, so you can focus on keeping your mental and emotional health in check.

Custody and Support

If you have children with your spouse, a custody order will be negotiated. Your divorce attorney will fight for you to get what you want out of that situation. After telling you what they think the court will do based on their experience, they will negotiate for what you feel you deserve.

Child support is decided by the court based on a set of guidelines. However, if you deserve spousal support, your lawyer will try to get it. A knowledgeable divorce attorney will tell you what you are eligible for and help you to get as much of it as possible.

Navigating the Stress of Divorce

The end of a marriage is treacherous and can often lead to an unfair outcome. If you are not properly protected, all the assets you have worked for in your life are at risk. Business owners can be especially vulnerable to a vindictive spouse who wants to take large portions of their wealth.

Your property and businesses should not be at risk of being lost because of a divorce. You want to give your spouse what they are legally entitled to, but you do not want to be taken advantage of. Divorce lawyers are here to help you with these issues. They will help negotiate a settlement that will not leave you empty-handed.

Final Thoughts

You may lose some of the things you got during your marriage. Your house, car, and other things could be considered joint assets you will have to divide. However, you should not leave your marriage in worse financial straights than you were in at the beginning. It took a long time for you to build your life with your partner, and it will take a while to build a new one without them. With a good divorce attorney, you can have the footing you need to start out doing things the right way.

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