Adventure Trip Ideas and Tips for Everyone

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Those looking for inspiration for their next adventure or help with what to do if they are new to adventures have come to the right place. 

This guide will ensure to cover the best adventures you can go on. There will be something for those who love heights, the open water and tips for those who want to be more adventurous. 

Adventure Ideas

This guide will offer you some inspiration and ideas for the next big adventure.

Explore the Open Water

Many of us love the ocean and love to explore it through swimming, snorkeling, and diving. If you want to become more adventurous and swap your casual swims for adventurous dives, you have come to the right place. 

Although swimming can be adventurous, nothing is more exhilarating than experiencing the open waters by going underneath and seeing what’s below water level. 

To dive safely and expertly, it is wise to obtain a qualification in open waters. Without one, you could get yourself into danger. 

Investing in a PADI open water diver course will be the best thing to do if you want to dive and explore the oceans alone or with friends. Without a qualification, you could get into danger while in the water. You will need to learn the safety procedures and how to dive and maintain good health, which can be obtained through a course. Therefore, attaining a qualification with the experts will not only keep you safe when diving but give you legal access to dive anywhere in the world. 

Mountain Climbing for Sunset and Sunrise

If you love to watch the sunrise or soak up a beautiful sunset, why not add adventure and go mountain climbing for the occasion? 

Although it can be as beautiful watching it from a bedroom window or sitting on a beach sipping a cold beer, you will not forget climbing a mountain and feeling on top of the world for the experience. 

You could climb an easy mountain range. Or, take it up a notch (with safety measures in place) and climb something more significant. If you opt for the more challenging option, plan it well. You won’t want to climb for hours and miss the sunset. Factor in the time it will take to climb and the time of the sunrise or sunset to get the best and most exhilarating experience. 

Camping in the Wild

Another amazing adventure idea for you all to consider is camping. This can offer adventure in many ways, especially for those without much camping experience. 

Wild camping is much more adventurous than rocking up to a camp park. It will challenge you as you will be alone in the wilderness. You might have more issues lighting a fire or bumping into a bear. But, with the right patience, tools, and knowledge, you can make wild camping fun and ensure your safety. 

Ensure you take the essentials with you to stay warm, fed, and safe. Packing enough food, blankets, fire equipment, proper shoes, and clothes will ensure you can stay safe and comfortable and enjoy your time. 

Mountain Biking

Whether you enjoy cycling or not, mountain biking adds a new challenge to the adventure. Instead of sticking to scenic roads and pathways, you can go off-road and explore like you never have before by bike. 

You can trail up mountains or ride across rocky fields to explore spots you have never been to. Mountain biking will provide you with a mode of transport and allow you to reach places you cannot by car or foot easily.

Furthermore, being in control of a mountain bike is an experience in itself. It won’t be light or easy to control like a road bike. It will feel much heavier, yet it offers more safety, especially if you bike through mud and over rocks.

Ensure to take the right safety equipment with you. Although you might want to be a daredevil, it is important to keep yourself safe. 

How to Be More Adventurous

If you lack the adventurous gene or simply haven’t had time to be adventurous, you might be new to the idea of doing adrenaline-pumping activities. Consider these tips if it worries you or you want some inspiration to be braver and be more adventurous

  • Seek comfort in the discomfort. Going outside of your comfort zone is bound to be uncomfortable. However, seeking comfort in the discomfort will allow you to appreciate your braveness and allow you to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t. When you push yourself outside of your usual barriers, you will get to explore more things and try things you always thought you would say no to. You only live once, and being uncomfortable is a temporary feeling. Yet, the memories and pride will last a lifetime. 
  • Stop saying no. When someone asks you to do something adventurous, and you get that awful ‘fear’ sensation in your gut, you might quickly say no without considering it. The more you do this, the fewer things you will get to experience. If you avoid the word ‘no’ and consider it, you might find yourself considering the pros of the adventure and, as a result, say yes. 
  • Start small. If you fear adventure activities but want to experience more, the best thing you can do for yourself is to start small. If you have never been adventurous and decided to jump out of a plane or go freediving, it might push you so much that you fail and never go back. Hence, if you start small, with something you feel more comfortable with, you can work yourself up for bigger events and activities. 
  • Find adventurous friends. Being surrounded by adventurous people might encourage you to try more things. They will encourage you and push you to try fun activities. Although you might say no at first, you will soon be swayed and, before you know it, become an adrenaline-junky yourself. Finding inspiration and feeling brave often comes from who you surround yourself with. 

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