5 Best Hiking Subscription Box to Inspire Your Next Adventure

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Going hiking is not just a sport; it’s also fun. If you’ve been hiking in the past, you probably know how it feels and the experiences that come with it.

If it’s not adventurous, then hiking is not worth doing. One of the thrills you get from hiking is the pleasure derivable from the experience.

How you get both experience and pleasure depends mainly on what you take on your hiking journey. Experienced hikers know what to pack in their hiking journey because one or two previous trips would afford you the experience of what to pack.

But, if you are a new hiker or are unsure about what you need to embark on your hiking voyage, we present you with a list of our top choices of hiking subscription box that will inspire your next adventure.

Please take your time to review these boxes and gracefully select what you think will make your hiking exciting.    

1. BattlBox

hiking subscription box

One of the premium outdoor and survival gear subscriptions out there is the BattlBox. If you are not familiar with BattlBox, the chances are that you are new to the game. 

BattlBox is excellent because it is hand-picked for specific purposes and meets a special need. Tested and prescribed by professionals, BattlBox is perfect for your outdoor experience. 

Whatever you need outdoor gear for, whether it’s for adventure or emergency survival activities, BattlBox is a preferred option.

BattlBox comes in different packages that will meet your individual need. The Basic package is ideal for starters. It contains manuals and other hand-picked items suitable for a beginner.

You have your emergency supplies, recommended outdoor gear, and some basic survival tools in the Basic pack.

If you are an advanced hiker, a professional, or a hiking enthusiast, BattlBox has the essential pack that meets your outdoor needs.

2. Crate Club

hiking subscription box

Crate Club is another top pick for your tactical and survival subscription box for your outdoor experience. The curators of Crate Club describe it as the most badass subscription box on earth!

Crate Club is a field-tested survival kit that can withstand any rugged situation during your hiking adventure.

Crate Club provides you with value for your money. Trusted brands such as Gerber and Bushnell are some of the products you will find in your pack. You also can get new products in your kit when available.

Crate Club also have a variety of crate in its subscription boxes. There is always a crate from the Lieutenant, Captain, and General that will meet your need.

Lieutenant Crate is basically for casual hikers and new entrants. You can find survival kits, self-defense tools, EDC gear, and other items to give you a pleasurable hiking experience.

In the Captain and General Crates, you will find more sophisticated items for frontline use. Added to the Lieutenant pack, you have first aid kits, tactical gear to meet everyday needs, a custom bulletproof bag, tactical self-defense flashlights, survival, and EDC tools for professional hikers. 

3. Cairn 

hiking subscription box

Another amazing subscription box for hiking and outdoors is the Cairn’s Subscription Box. It is an awesome, affordable box that contains all the resources for your outdoor experience. Reviews suggest that it is worth well more than what you pay for

Cairn’s Box is a great companion, always exciting to have. Most hikers consider it a fun service for outdoor enjoyment. It easily fits into your backpack.

Cairn’s Subscription Box comes with a monthly subscription. You never get disappointed with the new products you’ll find in its collections. It’s one of the top-quality hiking subscription boxes on our list.

4. The Nomadik

One utility name in the outdoor subscription box venture is The Nomadik. A very popular name in the industry, Nomadik is known for its accessibility, budget-friendliness, and quality.

Whether you are a starter or an advanced or professional hiker, the Nomadik subscription box has you in mind. Due to the high-quality products it delivers, coupled with the affordability, Nomadik is a worthy option for you.

The Nomadik offers a monthly premier outdoor subscription for fun-seeking adventurers. Full of surprises, the curated monthly subscription will excite any lover of outdoor gear. If you are unsure what gear option to go for, try the Nomadik.

5. Think Outside Boxes

Think outside the Box is another of our great picks for your hiking experience. Great subscription box designed especially for kids; Think Outside the Box offers items that can thrill your children and keep them occupied in their outdoor adventure.

It’s a monthly subscription box with tremendous outdoor resources to engage kids and keep them away from screens and mobile phones. Recommended for ages 7 – 16, Think Outside the Box allows your kids to learn survival skills and encourages outdoor activity.

If you want your kids to love exploring and outdoor adventures, Think Outside Box is a recommended option for you.


If you allow ‘strangers’ to select a subscription box for you, you may find yourself in a fix when you go hiking; we have recommended these amazing subscription boxes for your next hiking voyage.

Especially if you are a new hiker or a casual outdoor person, we have carefully selected the most reputable subscription box services by top-rated professionals knowledgeable in the game to give you a glorious hiking experience.

However, in comparison. Battlbox and Crate Club stand out from the other competitors regarding hiking subscription boxes.

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