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The Adrenal Diaries 2018

Today I have some exciting news, I am starting up a 2018 series of blog posts here on The Inspiration Edit called “The Adrenal Diaries”. When I first started blogging I enjoyed sharing my journey of my health and family life and how I was doing with my journey living with chronic illness and Adrenal Insufficiency. Whilst I plan to focus my blog more on crafts and fun ideas for the kids and family, I need a space to share my weekly health progress and so The Adrenal Diaries will begin.

It won’t just be about health and appointments but about the things I am able to do with my illness and about staying positive on the hard days. The format may change slightly over time but today is my first post and I hope you like it.

5 Thoughts On My Health Over Christmas And New Years

So we managed to get through Christmas and New Years without any major adrenal insufficiency issues. I am in shock. This is my first Christmas in 5 years where I enjoyed myself and didn’t feel nauseous and sick. I was tired and paced and rested and I think staying at home for Christmas day really helped not to over do things.

I prepared the veg for Christmas two days in advance. I then prepped the meat on Christmas eve and on Christmas Day we were able to have a lovely Christmas Meal. After lunch I had a huge 4 hour nap but we got through.

This time last year I was in hospital with food poisoning which had inevitably affected my Adrenal Insufficiency. I am so glad I got to spend New Years with my family. We sat on the bed with the dogs, watched the fireworks in London and drunk Sleur. We watched fireworks out of the bedroom window and then me Sylvia went downstairs and had a sleepover in the lounge which was fun.

I have had a whole week with no hospital or doctors appointments. I do have one booked for next week but will have to postpone as John is away for the week doing photography in London. I am so excited for him. This is just a diet related appointment so delaying for two weeks won’t be the end of the world.

I have been thinking about the differences from when I was first diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency to now. It is a journey and despite the difficulties at least I can manage this condition better and stay out of hospital. Every hospital stay is dangerous and could lead to death so keeping well enough to stay home is so so good. I am always tired but glad to be home with my family each week. It is wonderful.

Angela x