3 Summer Activities That Could Result in a Brain Injury

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You want to go out and have fun when the sun is shining, especially if you are into your sports, or you have children that need to let off some steam. Whether it’s doing something like biking, swimming, or playing a team sport, these all have an element of risk attached to them.

You only have to talk to an experienced brain injury attorney about the volume and types of cases they handle to appreciate that brain injuries are a clear and present danger when it comes to summer activities.

Here are some examples to think about.

Activities That Could Result in a Brain Injury

Swimming pool accidents are one of the biggest injury threats

Every year, a number of people suffer life-changing injuries connected with a swimming accident.

Swimming is understandably popular in the summer months, but there are lots of dangers and scenarios that could result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Some of the inherent dangers that could result in a TBI include falling or slipping on a wet pool decking area, and swimming or diving in natural waters where the water is shallow and there is a greater risk of a head injury because the area is unmarked and not policed.

Another common injury cause is when you hit a diving board or platform after misjudging your dive.

Cycling and pedestrian accidents are very common

Even when a child is wearing a safety helmet and observing road safety rules there is always the potential for a collision.

Sadly, reckless or young and inexperienced drivers can run into cyclists or pedestrians without warning, when they lose control or don’t pay attention to their surroundings.

Sports injuries

You never want to dissuade someone from taking part in sporting activities. In general, the benefits of regular exercise and enjoying doing something fun and rewarding greatly outweigh the risks.

However, there are many circumstances where a person can receive a blow to the head that could result in a brain injury. Contact sports are a risk for that reason. You see a lot of brain injuries occur as a result of a head impact caused while playing some sort of sport.

An obvious one would be baseball. Being struck by a ball or bat could have devastating consequences, both immediately, and further down the road.

The risk to children

A child’s brain is still in the developmental stage. That tends to be the reason why children can suffer a brain injury that is more severe than a mature adult.

Protective headgear will help to minimize the risk as best as possible.

What to do immediately after an accident

Although a trauma injury can be immediately obvious, there is also the risk of an internal bleed or injury that takes much longer to manifest. Even minor blows to the head should be checked by a physician as soon as possible.

If you have been impacted by a brain injury and you believe you are entitled to make a claim, make sure you talk to a specific brain injury lawyer in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

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