A Small Guide for Writing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

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Depending on the guests, a wedding invitation can be written in different formats. It delivers the big news to your family, friends, and other community members. Creating a perfect wedding invite is one of the best ways to get that beautiful day off to a great start.

Invitation etiquette rules are more straightforward than you think. What’s more important is creating an invitation that represents the big day. Before diving into guidelines on writing a wedding invitation, let’s look at the essential elements that you must include.

The Host

In most cases, the bride’s parents are the wedding hosts and are named at the top of the invitation. This happens mostly as a gracious matter, no matter who foots the bill. But over time, things have changed. People live far apart in different places, pursuing their dreams. That could either be further studies or a job. This means that more couples are hosting their weddings or doing so with the help of their parents.

So, if both partners pay for the event, you can use “together with their parents” within your invitation card. Preparing for the wedding while studying takes a lot of time. You can seek assignment help services as you concentrate on creating great wedding invitation cards.

If you would like to include a deceased parent, you will have to do things differently. In a typical wedding, the host must be present during the wedding. Rearrange your wordings to pass the message that will reflect that you are the host. If the parents are divorced, you can keep each of them on a separate line.

Request to Attend

This is a very vital element of the wedding invitation. There are disparate ways to ask for the pleasure of the guests’ company. It’s upon you to sit down and brainstorm the best way to request your friends to attend your wedding politely. 

This may be “the pleasure of your company, honor your presence, or invite you to celebrate with them.” This should be included immediately after the names of the host. After settling on the best way to invite the guests, ensure that it flows well with the context of the host. This way, readers will be able to connect well and respond positively to the invitation.

Names of the Couples

Everyone who gets an invitation card to a wedding rush to know the couple’s names. It’s an essential element of a wedding invitation that must be included after the request to attend. Other than that, don’t forget to mention your official wedding hashtag to make sure everyone makes use of it on your special day! No one should forget to add this to their wedding invitation. But sometimes, you might wonder whose name should be written first on the invitation card!

In most cases, the bride’s name usually precedes the name of the groom. So, you should take your time and write your invitation. Keep in mind what your society values most. As stated above, preparing for a wedding usually takes time. You can get essay writing help services to get ample time to continue with the wedding preparations.

Date, Time, and Location

On what day and time of the year is the wedding going to take place? In most formal weddings, the day and time are written out without numerals. To some extent, the year is optional if the wedding will take place just a few months away from the current month and in the same year.

The use of p.m. or a.m. is also optional for most casual weddings. In this case, you can use the 24-hour style as it’s widely used for most events. The venue’s street address is usually important to avoid confusion when the wedding is taking place in an area not well-known to most of your guests. There are incredible places for getting married in Vegas if you reside around this major city in the American West. Ensure that the city and state addresses are written out in full in each of them. 

Reception and Dress Code

Most of the formal invitations include the information about the reception on a separate card. But this is your wedding, and you know your friends better. You can decide to print the reception information on the wedding invitation. That’s if the ceremony and the reception are going to be held in the same place. If the location is elsewhere, the location goes on a different line.

Dictate the dress code on the wedding invitation. If possible, attach pictures of the dress code you would like for your wedding. This takes a lot of time, and it can easily inconvenience your reading time, especially as a student pursuing advanced courses. 

Now that you have learned about the several elements of the wedding invitation, let’s look at a few guides that you need to consider to write a great invitation card.

Be Concise

Your guests must get all the necessary information about your wedding. However, you should avoid overloading your invites with words that might result in missing information. That means that you should ensure that your message is very clear to give the essential details.

If there is any additional information you would like to pass to the guests, you can write it on the insert cards of the wedding website. Being concise also entails following the correct order of writing a wedding invitation. The host should start in this case.

Reflect on Your Wedding Formality

The words you will use in your wedding invitation indicate the overall formality of the occasion. Is the wedding open to anyone else who is not invited or restricted to the people invited only? What kind of attire will you like the guests to wear? If you want the guests to wear black-tie attire, you should opt for the traditional wording.

You can also explore the modern and playful wording if you prefer to keep it casual on the wedding day. Choosing the right wording is vital if you want to plan explicitly on the dress code.

Include an Insert Card

As stated above, an insert card is normally used for any additional information. That’s because the information you are offering doesn’t belong to the wedding invitation suite. This may include your registry details. On the insert card, you can provide all the guests with a link to the wedding website.

If you would like only a few members to be wearing the dress code, you design specific cards for particular individuals and address them depending on how you relate. Details of the backup venue in case of bad weather should also be included in the insert card.

Don’t Make the Card Clumsy

The size of the invitation card and the font used determines how spaced the words will be on the invitation card. It’s good to avoid crowding the card if you want to make it look great. There should be space for the decorations on the margins of the card, and words should be written uniquely depending on their context.

It’s always great to ensure that the font of the host is different from the body section, and the color can also be different. This will help you to set the tone of the wedding invitation card clearly and creatively.


Writing a wedding invitation takes time, especially if you are a student pursuing further studies and wish to get married. You have to take your time and still ensure that you follow the order for the effective flow of information. 

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