6 Ways to Inspire Your Child to Study

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Inspiring your kid to study can be an impossible task. Or is it? We all tend to think that if your kid doesn’t like reading, or learning from the very first introduction to a book, then your learning process will be bumpy. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. IN fact, there are numerous ways you can inspire your kid to study. Here are six of them. 

inspire kids to study

Be an Example for Them

First and foremost, you need to be the example for your children. So if you don’t ever hold a book in your hands, how can you expect your children to enjoy reading? If you don’t like watching documentaries or learning new facts, your children will only follow your example. On the contrary, if learning new things is a big habit of yours, chances are, your kids will pick it as well. 

Let’s be reasonable here. Parenting comes with a lot of responsibility. One of them is to be a good example for your kids. So you can’t demand from your kids anything that you don’t do yourself. If you want them to study, show them how fun it can be. Think of yourself as home-based unemployed professors who spend a big chunk of their spare time learning something new. Set the right example and they will follow. 

Find Their Best Method of Studying

We all learn differently. Just as there are several love languages based on personality, there are learning methods. To ignite the love of studying in your kids, you need to find the method that works best with them. You have no other way to do it but try and fail at first. Try to teach your kids with an emphasis on one of the following: 

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Watching

Then see which one of those methods worked best. Perhaps, they remember information by writing it down and making extensive notes. Maybe they enjoy studying more when it comes in the form of a game. In this case try to introduce more engaging forms of studying. Overall, try to find what fits best to your kids personal preferences of studying and go with it.

Find What Their Passion Is

Nothing inspires us more than our passion. So find out what your kids’ passion is and use it in your study program. If your kids want to be scientists, explain to them how studying will get them closer to their dreams. Buy them the science kit and watch science programs with them. Next thing you know, their passion drives them to study harder than you could ever do by simply forcing them. 

Limit the Distractions

Sometimes it is not so much about inspiring your kids to study but limiting the distractions. Children can have hard times concentrating on a subject of studying when their mind wanders all over the place. It is your job as a parent to create a proper studying environment for them. Limit all possible distractions, including setting temporary blockers on their devices.

Also, don’t encourage their studies in a messy room. Messy room means a messy mind. They need to get used to studying in a clean and organized environment. A tidy room will symbolize the seriousness of their studies and put them in the right mood. 

Introduce the Rewards

Studying can become much more interesting when a special set of rewards is in place. Don’t confuse it with bribing though. You should beg your kids to study in return for something they want. Instead show them that their hard work will never go unnoticed. Indeed, many children suffer from lack of motivation. They may not see the reason to study too hard. However, if you show them that you notice their work and appreciate their efforts, they will have a much better time getting to it. 

Now, the rewards can be anything you or your children want. A reward can be spending more time together as a whole family. It can be a promise of a fun weekend if they perform well at school that week. Think what your child would enjoy after studying and try to fairly reward them for their efforts. Overall, just showing how excited you are at their every achievement is already a great reward for any child. 

Don’t Overdo It

Inspiration is a very delicate and shy creature. Before you know it, your kid’s inspirational study can simply disappear with no news on when it will return again. To prevent that, you need to be gentle with it. Meaning, if you see your child’s finding interest in something, don’t push them too much right away. If your kids start to fancy piano lessons, don’t sign them up to piano school with classes five times a week. You may kill their interest before it fully blossoms. 

Overall, it is always better to give a child a break and let them rest, recharge, and re-evaluate their passions, interests, and desires instead of pushing them too hard. After all, you can always read some speedy paper reviews and get professional help online, when you need it. Rediscovering a kid’s passion for something after you have scared it away will be much harder. 

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