7 Ways to Make TV Streaming Fun for Kids

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We all know how challenging it is to keep kids entertained. One minute, they’re so invested in playing a game, the next thing you know, they’re bawling their eyes out and screaming their heads off because of some random reason. There are a lot of ways to keep kids entertained, but there’s one proven method that millions mom around the world use – TV streaming. Watching TV is a traditional yet most effective way to keep kids occupied. But like any other entertainment options, kids can grow tired of TV streaming after several hours of watching. 

So, how can you make TV streaming more fun for your kids? Well, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll be sharing seven different ways to improve the streaming experience for your little one. So no matter what TV service you have, whether it’s a typical cable service or a specialized TV service like Go Latino TV, you and your kid can have a lot of fun. 

Plan an exciting themed movie night. 

Instead of simply choosing any movie you find and sitting in the TV, add a little fun and something to look forward to by planning a themed movie night. You can dress up as superheroes if you’re going to watch a superhero movie and make fun snacks like cookies with Superman, Batman, and Spiderman designs for your kid. There are endless possibilities because you’ll depend your outfits and snacks related to the movie you’ve planned to watch. 

If you’re feeling a little extra, you can even decorate the room where you’ll be watching so your kid can have more fun. Of course, you should be there watching with them because the more, the merrier. 

Take advantage of movie series. 

If you have a kid who already understands and appreciates these movie series, then it’s better to have it planned out throughout the month. Instead of binge-watching everything in one series, you both will have something to look forward to every weekend or whenever your movie night is scheduled. This will keep your kid asking for more, and in return, you get to bond with your kids and enjoy the movies as well. 

However, if you’re planning to stream movies on platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus, make sure that you have a fast and stable internet connection. Because if not, you’ll experience constant loading/buffering and that will ruin your kid’s mood. If you think that your current internet connection isn’t up to the task, it’s time to look into better wireless providers

Invite friends over. 

By friends, we mean your kid’s friends, but of course, it’s not so bad to have their parents tag along, especially if you’re planning to have a movie night. Having their friends come over to your house allows them to socialize and have fun while still enjoying the movie together. It can make the experience more interactive. They can even have some of the best memories with these. Of course, this will require more effort as you need to reach out to the kids’ parents to seek permission, prepare food, look after them, and clean up afterwards. But once you’re able to do so, your kid will definitely thank you for allowing him or her to have fun. 

Watch with them and start a conversation. 

If you don’t have the time or energy to exert more effort, you can simply watch the TV with your kid. Just prepare some snacks, sit on the couch with your kid, and be attentive to the movie. Instead of just asking “Do you like this movie?”, it’s better to ask questions like “What’s your favorite character so far?” or “Why do you think they made that choice?”. This will create a better connection between the two of you. 

You can also relate specific scenes in the movie to their world. For example, you can say, “Remember when you shared your toys with your friend? That reminds me of how the characters in the movie are working together.” It’s a great way to instill valuable life lessons without them actually knowing that you’re teaching them. This will prevent the boring conversations that no kid ever remembers. 

Involve them in the preparation process.

When we were still kids, we knew how eager we were to do adult things. It can be as simple as sweeping the floor even though we really have no idea how to do it right. Just like this, you can involve your kid in the preparation process so they will feel really involved and invested. You can let them choose a movie or have them help you prepare the snacks. You can even decorate your movie room together. No matter the task, it’s always best to make them feel seen and important to what you do. So when they grow up, they can be proactive and try to contribute as much as they can. 

Wrapping Up

Making TV streaming fun for kids might seem complicated, but it’s actually very simple. The great thing about it is that even though you might think it can be a bit too much, especially for working parents, you’re actually making a way for you and your kid to bond and create memories that they’ll remember even when they grow up. Make sure to take pictures as well!

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