5 Kids Craft Projects for Rainy Days

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Nothing disappoints a child quite like waking up to a rainy and miserable day but these days happen and they can happen pretty often in the summer.

Rainy days don’t have to be met with sad little faces if you put a little effort into some fun projects. Indoor craft projects tend to get a little messy but that’s okay, clean-up can be part of the fun. Here are 5 creative craft projects for the days when your children need to be indoors.

Felt Animals

Felt animals are such a cute way to keep the little ones entertained when it’s raining outside. Let them decide what animals they want to make and then help them cut the shapes out of brightly colored felt material.

Stock up on discount craft supplies so you’ll always have everything you need for those long days indoors. You can find loads of templates online to help them choose their favorite animal to make and you can find plastic containers to store all you craft supplies for safe keeping.

Marble Masterpieces

Grab an old square baking tin and place a piece of white cardboard at the bottom. Then all you need are a few marbles and some blobs of non-toxic paint.

Put a few small blobs of paint around the cardboard sheet and then add a few marbles into the tin. Let your child roll the marble around inside the tin until the paint is all spread out and they’ve created their marble masterpiece. This is a great activity if they have already painted rocks before.

Cardboard Activity Cubes

This activity needs a little preparation first but it is super simple to do. Cut out squares of cardboard and write a separate challenge on each sheet, like “do 5 jumping jacks” or “touch your nose to your knee” and then tape these pieces into a cube shape. Give the cube to your kids to use as a giant die and let the fun and games begin! 

Homemade Guitar

Homemade musical instruments are easier to make than you might think. Use an old cereal box to make a cute little homemade guitar. All you will need is a box, a craft knife, a cardboard tube, some elastic bands, and some duct tape.

Cut a round hole out of the inside of one side of your cardboard box and then tape the box to your cardboard tube. String the elastic bands across the hole and around the end of the box.

Make small cuts in the top of the cardboard tube and slot the elastic bands into these cuts. Now your child will have their very own guitar that they helped to make, – it doesn’t get much better than that!


Next Level “I Spy”

Take a thick clear plastic bag and fill it with packing peanuts or packing beads. Once you’ve done that, add about 10 or 15 small trinkets and toys and tie up the bag. Then squish the toys and trinkets around so they’re hidden inside the beads in the bag. Give your children each a turn to “spy” their chosen toy or trinket and then let them guess to see if they can spot what the other child has chosen.

Rainy days don’t have mean TV days; encourage your children to pick one of these simple and fun projects to do so they keep their minds active and their creative juices flowing.

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