4 Ways to Help Your Kids Get To Sleep

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For many parents, getting their kids to go to bed is the biggest battle they face each day. This is especially true when they’re at their age when staying up seems cool, but they aren’t old enough to learn how it can affect them the next day. This day will come, but until then, parents need to find solutions that will make bedtime not just seem normal but something they look forward to. Here are four ways to make that happen. 

4 Ways To Help Your Kids Get to Sleep

Give Them a Bedtime 

A set bedtime is something that all parents dread having to do as many kids do not like being told what to do.

A set bedtime can be especially tricky if you are only now trying to implement it, as their body clock may be out of sync, meaning they will struggle to get to sleep at first and feel exhausted the next day.

However, persevering with this approach will eventually balance everything out, and by the time they get to bed at seven, eight, or nine PM (depending on how old they are), they will fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. 

Create a Routine

You can make their bedtime easier by creating a routine. This involves everything they need to do before going to sleep, and it will get them into the right mind frame. If done right, it can trick your kids’ brain into becoming tired, too.

Consider different steps to include in this routine, such as switching off screens and brushing their teeth. The more you stick to it, the more familiar it will be for your kids, and they won’t have any issues getting to sleep. 

Make the Space Comfortable 

A cozy, comfortable bedroom can make going to bed much easier. Getting the temperature right can really help. It may be a struggle to sleep in a room that’s too hot or too cold? Would your child drift off on a comfortable bed? To get a good night’s sleep the bed will need to be just right, not too hard or lumpy? It’s important to keep the bedroom warm but not too warm and ensure the room is dark enough to cut off distractions. 

Ease Their Fears

Kids being scared of the dark is another issue that can hinder bedtime success. Most kids will get over this fear soon enough, but for those that continue to struggle, find ways to ease their fears. Homemade Monster Spray is a good choice, as is a nightlight (especially with an automatic timer).

You can also look for an audiobook kids will love that they can listen to as they fall to sleep. Not only will this introduce them to the crucial skill of listening comprehension, but it will also distract them from their fears, helping them get to sleep and sleep soundly, too. 

Sweet Dreams 

There will still be battles to get your kids to bed on time and go to sleep. The more used to the bedtime routine they become, the more comfortable they will be going to bed. This will help them become more energized and ensure they can focus at school, sports, and more, excelling in every aspect of their lives. 

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