Best Ways to Keep Your Kids Room Warm

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Keeping your kid’s room warm is important, especially if you have infants. During the winter months, our indoor temperature can drop quite drastically. Ensuring that our little ones are cosy and warm in their rooms needn’t be a worrying task. There are many things that you can do to keep your children warm when they’re in need. 

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Have a Good Radiator in the Room

First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure that there is a good heat source in your child’s room.  Be sure that the electric radiator operates properly and adjust the heat to a higher setting where needed as children are more prone to feeling the cold.

We recommend setting a time on the heater so that it switches on during the early mornings and evenings, as these are the times where your child or baby will be spending time in the bedroom. 

Keep Curtains Open During the Day

On warm, sunny days, you have a perfectly good heat source that can aid you in creating warmth for your child’s room. By keeping the curtains open during the daytime, your kid’s room will naturally heat up. 

The sun is a free heat source that you should definitely take advantage of. So, pull up those blinds and open the curtains to let the light in! 

Consider Increasing Your Thermostat’s Temperature

You should set the thermostat or radiator temperature in your child’s room to a slightly higher temperature. This will help to ensure that your kid is warm when they are resting at nighttime and waking during the colder mornings. 

Be careful not to set the temperature too high as this could end up having the opposite effect! The last thing that you’ll want is your child not being able to sleep because they’re overheating. 

Use a Space Heater if Needed

If your child’s room still feels colder than it should be even after trying the steps above, you could buy an additional space heater. These types of plug-in electric heaters are a great way to create instant warmth. 

You should consider safety when using these types of heaters, though, as they can pose a risk if they’re not positioned properly. Keep the heater about 3 feet away from things that could burn, and make sure you turn it off when your child or baby is sleeping. 

Buy Insulating Curtains or Improve Window Insulation

Thermal curtains can be a great addition to any child’s room if you’re looking to improve warmth. Be sure to attach the curtains as close as possible to the windows and allow them to fall to the floor or even try the best noise reducing curtains for windows for a better experience.

If your windows seem poorly insulated in general, it could be time to replace them. Double-glazed windows are sure to retain heat more efficiently and will keep the area warmer. 

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Keep Doors Closed 

Finally, you should make an effort to shut the door of your child’s room when the radiators are on. This will keep as much heat as possible in the space without affecting the temperature of the rest of your home. 

What Next? 

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