4 Tips for Enjoying Golf With Kids

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Golf is one of the most popular sports that attracts players from all age groups. If you are a fan of the game yourself, you may want to get your kids involved too. However, despite your strong desire to share your love for the sport with your children, it can be difficult to know where to start. So, we have put together four top tips to successfully get your kids to enjoy a game of golf and make memories that will last forever. 

Keep It Fun 

Just like when you are trying to encourage your children to do anything, it is important that you make it a fun and exciting experience. Kids don’t tend to have much patience when it comes to difficult tasks, especially things like learning a new sport which can take time and determination. Therefore, we recommend that you keep things casual and fun. Nothing will put them off playing golf with you than you forcing them to play. 

You should keep this in mind when you are trying to teach them the rules and how to play golf as, if you offer too lengthy or complicated descriptions, they will soon get bored. So, at the beginning, keep the instructions short and simple, and let them learn at their own pace. 

Don’t Get Them Started Too Soon

If you are a big fan of golf yourself, you may be keen to get your kids learning how to play as soon as they are old enough. But we recommend that you don’t get them started too soon. While there is no harm in letting them come along with you, and even maybe having a try on the driving range, leave it until they get a bit older before signing them up for proper lessons. If you introduce them too soon, then you risk putting too much pressure on them, which is bound to result in them wanting to give up altogether. 

Provide the Right Equipment

Even though you may have a range of equipment that you use for your own games of golf, you will need to get the right equipment for your kids. As you well know, having the right equipment can make all the difference to how well you play. So, depending on how old your kids are, look for junior equipment that is going to make the learning process easier for them. 

You may also find that using a golf cart will help your kids enjoy golf more as they won’t be as tired from carrying their clubs around an 18-hole course. Owning your own golf cart and using electric golf trolleys does not have to be as expensive as you might think, and you can even order all the parts and accessories that you could ever need for your golf cart without leaving your house. 

Have Patience

Being a parent requires a considerable amount of patience, and you will need it in abundance if you are going to try and enjoy a game of golf with your kids. Remind yourself that they are new to the game, and that it is going to take a considerable amount of time for them to pick everything up. So, if you find yourself getting frustrated, be sure to walk away or take a time out. It is also crucial that you give your kids plenty of praise. Telling your child that that was a, “Great shot!” may just give them the confidence they need to keep going. 

Sharing your love for golf with your kids doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. But be careful what you wish for as, after following our top tips, your kids may end up being better at golf than you! 

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