10 Healthy Bariatric Snacks to Eat After Gastric Bypass Surgery

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After gastric bypass surgery, it’s vital that you follow a strict diet in order to heal properly. You have the opportunity to turn your life around and continue improving your health by eating good, nutritious foods. But there are so many healthy bariatric snacks you will be able to enjoy!

what to eat after gastric bypass

Can You Snack After Bariatric Surgery?

You can absolutely enjoy a snack between meals after gastric bypass surgery. Once you’ve reached that stage in your diet plan, there are many options for bariatric snacks.

To ensure that you lose weight and keep it off, your diet after a gastric bypass should avoid sugary snacks such as cookies, cakes, pies and candy. You should focus on foods that are higher in protein and lower in fat and calories. 

Bariatric Snack Ideas

Changing your eating habits is imperative to your success. Don’t allow temptation to hold you back. Good snack foods are the ones that contain protein and that are low in sugar and carbohydrates.

Here are ten snack foods you can eat following gastric bypass surgery:

1. Celery sticks

2. Peanut butter

3. Baby carrot sticks

4. Fresh berries

5. Yogurt

6. Sliced apples

7. Pumpkin seeds

8. Boiled eggs

9. Protein shakes

10. Low-fat cottage cheese

Choosing healthy bariatric food can be challenging. There are so many unhealthy foods readily available that it’s often difficult to choose healthy snacks instead of chips and chocolate bars. 

But you don’t want to fall right back into the habit of eating the unhealthy foods that made the bypass surgery necessary in the first place! 

Remind yourself of all the benefits you’ll enjoy from making the right choices. You can do it! 

Choose to eat healthy snacks that will help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. You’ll feel better, look better and have more energy than you ever dreamed possible.

For more information, read my Gastric Bypass Surgery Ultimate Guide.

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