Women’s Accessories Trends for This Spring

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It’s springtime again. And you know what that means: your winter wardrobe starts to need an update, just as new trends hit the runway and the shops. 

If you’re looking to “freshen” up your wardrobe this spring, we’ve got a list of the hottest, must-have trends this season. 

Women's accessories trends for this Spring

Personalized Necklaces 

This season we’re seeing a lot of trends on the runway when it comes to necklaces: including oversized pieces, understated pearls, and even interesting, geometric shaped structures, there’s one necklace trend that’s making waves even off the runway and amongst the most iconic celebrities: customized jewelry such as name necklaces.

Personalized name necklaces are being sported and spotted recently on celebrities including Beyonce, Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian. After all, there’s nothing truly more high fashion and luxurious than being able to create your own jewelry to personal preferences.

Personalized necklaces are more than just fashion: they’re one day the perfect heirloom and keepsake. While jewelry trends may come and go, a personalized necklace is truly irreplaceable. 

Fanny Packs: the ultimate marriage of Function and Fashion 

The next must have accessory for this spring is probably one you’ll be surprised to see: the fanny pack. Once solely the preserve of unfashionable dad’s in the 80’s, fanny packs are making a comeback in a big way as a must have accessory for women this spring. They’re not called “fanny packs” any more; rather their new name is “waist bags”, which certainly sounds a lot better.

The essence however remains the same: a functional pack that goes around your waist, and is an incredibly useful way to transport essentials like a wallet, keys, and your phone without the worry of where to leave your purse on the dance floor. 

The ultimate marriage of fashion and functionalities, fanny packs are touted on the runway by designers like Miuccia Prada’s Miu Miu, where the traditional fanny pack was fashioned into something like a small over-wear miniskirt. Burberry meanwhile experimented with fanny packs worn in an unconventional location: the bicep, rather than where they are traditionally worn (I won’t say it, but it’s in the name). 

Purses – like you’ve never seen before 

If a fanny pack isn’t quite your style and you’d prefer to carry your essentials in the more traditional form of the purse, get ready for some unconventional options to be a trendsetter this spring. Gone are the days of messenger bags, weekenders, shoulder bags, or even Birkins. This spring, it’s all about interesting shapes. Interestingly, one of the shapes that dominated was a teddy bear bag.

That’s right, your favorite stuffed animal that you’d carry everywhere as a child, can now literally be carried around as a purse. Teddy bears were everywhere this spring: the more traditional, beat up and bedraggled childhood bear seen at Balenciaga, or the bedazzled and bejeweled creations from Gucci to bedraggled at Balenciaga. But favorite childhood stuffed animals aren’t the only unconventional items turned into bags this season. 

Collina Strada showcased a bag made of literal broccoli, while Botter debuted an incredibly “cool” bag that looked like an ice cube. 

Unconventionally Shaped Shoes 

Speaking of interesting shapes, fashion designers are entirely re-creating another conventional accessory: the show. You probably have a range of shoe shapes in your wardrobe: barely there flip flops, thong sandals, knee high boots, chunky heels, and elegant espadrilles. But we guarantee you don’t have shoes in the shapes being seen this spring.

This season, designers appear to be reworking conventional shoe shapes with architectural, sculpture inspired, metallic studded detail. Consider for example,  Dries Van Noten’s curved golden heels or Off white’s go-go boots with chunky heels that looked like they were made of  curling silver wire.

You don’t need to go off the wall however, and unlike many runway shoes, you’ll want to make comfort a top priority. All you’ll need to stand out this spring is a show with a metallic, statement, and geometric heel. 

Angular Sunglasses 

The last must have accessory for this spring isn’t just about style. It’s something you absolutely need going into the spring and summer: sunglasses. Apart from elevating just about any look with a dose of high-fashion, sunglasses help protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

In 2023, angular and outdoor-activity inspired sunglasses are one of the biggest trends this summer. Think geometric shapes like square, rectangular and hard edges, like those seen at the runway shows of numerous of fashion houses this spring: Vivienne Westwood, Dolce Gabbana,  and most notably at Givenchy as they debuted their “G-Cut” sunglasses.

Keeping on the outdoor-activity theme, visor and athletic style womens sunglasses shapes are also amongst the hottest trends for those with a more sporty fashion. Consider the Zegna runway at Milan Fashion week Spring Summer 2023.

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