What Is Raw Dog Feeding?

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Raw food diets are one of the most controversial pet trends to pop up, despite all of this, the diet that emphasises feeding dogs bones, raw meat, vegetables, and fruits has gained a lot of traction. But what exactly is raw dog feeding?

Raw food diets have been around for a long time as sled dogs and racing greyhounds have been given this combination of foods for many years.

Raw Dog Feeding

Recently it was suggested that adult dogs would thrive under this diet for a variety of reasons. However, there have also been health risks associated with the raw diet which has persuaded dog owners to stay away.

So, what is a raw dog food diet, and what’s all the fuss about? 

The Structure of the Raw Food Diet

Raw feeding consists of muscle meat which is often on the bone, organ meats, green vegetables such as celery, spinach, and broccoli, raw eggs, bones, and fruit such as apples. 

While this might seem like a human diet for dogs, this is what dogs ate before they were domesticated. Experts have claimed that the standard dog food that is made of grain is bad for the dog’s health. 

However, when starting raw diets with your dogs, it’s vital to ensure that the meals are balanced as an unbalanced diet will hurt them. For more information on this, check out Bella and Duke

Balancing a Raw Diet

The first step to getting your dogs feeding raw food is to ensure that the diet is balanced. In most cases, this will be a homemade diet and sticking to the fat content of 10-20%. 

This should provide your beloved canine with all the healthy fats it needs. The next step is to add enough bones to the meal, this should be between 10-15%. This will provide the dog with enough calcium and their daily mineral requirements. 

Organ Meat on a Dog’s Raw Diet

Heart and liver are crucial components in raw dog food and 10% of the dog’s diet should be liver with 5% being heart. Adding spleen, pancreas, and kidneys are also a good idea as these organ meats can make up for the lack of enzymes in your dog if they have health issues. 

The Best Raw Diet Dog’s Food

The final step is to ensure that the raw feeding diet consists of some vegetables. These will reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases while keeping them strong and healthy. 

Ensuring your dog has a complete and balanced diet will offer them numerous health benefits.

List of Raw Diet Foods

Here is a list of raw diet foods for you to choose from:Meat to feed dogs on raw pet food diet:

  • Meaty Bones
  • Organ Meat
  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Pancreas
  • Kidneys

Vegetables for the raw food diet that contain vital nutrients:

Can You Feed Dogs Raw Eggs?

The answer is yes! Feeding dogs raw eggs can be part of a dog’s raw diet. There are a variety of benefits when feeding a dog eggs.

The majority of dogs would appreciate their daily raw egg, and owners can add eggs to other foods to make sure that dogs get their daily calcium intake.

Eggs can help with weight loss for dogs. Eggs are rich in protein, which is essential for dogs. Eggs are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that promote healthy skin and coats.

A dog’s raw egg yolk should be uncooked when added to its diet. You can also feed your dog hard boiled eggs which are full of goodness for your pet pooch.

The Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Pet owners will be happy to know that there are plenty of benefits associated with a biologically appropriate raw food diet. 

Raw-fed dogs on raw meat diets, who eat home-cooked foods are less likely to have skin problems.

This includes shinier coats, smaller stools, healthier skin, higher energy levels, and cleaner teeth.

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The benefits of raw dog food

Is Raw Feeding Is Better Than Dog Biscuits?

Dry dog foods don’t offer the same level of nutritional balance as a balanced raw diet and they can lack essential nutrients.

Whilst dog biscuits from your local pet store may be good for your beloved dog, many raw diets outweigh these biscuits in nutritional content, and let’s face it, what dog would choose biscuits over tasty delicious meat?

Adult dogs such as my dog Casper, love whole foods, fresh ingredients, organ meats, and vegetables.

Is Fresh Food Best When Feeding Raw Meals?

Many pet food manufacturers associations have allowed the sale of prepared raw foods that were freeze-dried. 

Frozen raw dog food can allow pet owners to store their dog’s meals and defrost them when ready.

Older dogs and those with bad weight management benefit the most as they’re usually prone to potential risks due to their poor health. 

As your dog eats healthy fat from raw dog food recipes and homemade diets, owners can control better weight management and ensure safe human-grade ingredients as part of the best diet for your dog’s body.

How Much Do I Feed My Dog Raw?

My dog eats approximately 1lb of meat and bone with 5% organ meats, 10% vegetables and 90% fruit.

Raw food diets should be given in measured heaps depending on the size of your dog.

So how do you know how much raw food to prepare?

The best advice would be to speak to your local vet to ensure you are feeding your own dog food to your pet in reasonable quantities.

How to Raw Feed Your Dog Safely:

Never feed dogs raw meat products from unknown sources, such as other animals, roadkill, or raw meat in the supermarket.

Raw food for dogs should be wrapped and stored in a refrigerator below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thawing frozen dog meals before feeding your canine is recommended along with defrosting meats to avoid health risks including any bacteria being present in undercooked or raw meat.

Little girl sitting on the floor and looking how golden retriever dog eating

Should You Implement a Raw Diet for Dogs?

While the research has proven the potential benefits of this diet, if you’re giving your dog normal dog food and it is healthy according to the standards of a veterinarian, then there’s no reason why you should make this change. 

But, this is a diet that can prolong the life of your pet with very few side effects. A nutritionally balanced new raw diet that dogs love can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you. 

What is your dog’s diet like? Please fo leave comments below and share your experience of raw pet food for dogs.

Do you have a favorite raw food recipe? I’d love for you to share.

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