What Are the Different Shapewear Options Out There?

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Shapewear has developed dramatically in recent times and is now a wardrobe staple for many women across the globe. Why is this? Well, it is now more comfortable and adaptable than it ever was, meaning it is also more accessible. As it can be dressed up or down, it’s easy to get plenty of wear out of these fashionable pieces. Wondering what your different shapewear options are? Read on to find out!


Waist Trainers

So, you want to create a more prominent waistline with a virtually undetectable tool to the naked eye? SKIMS shapewear waist trainers are the answer. They’re soft to touch, and are actually multipurpose – back support anyone?!


These are said to not only cinch you in but they can be helpful in improving your posture, as well as alleviating back pain due to poor posture. With sizes varying from XXS-4X, nobody is excluded from reaping the rewards of waist trainers. 


One (or two) of the most important pieces of clothing you put on each day are your undergarments. We’ve all been through the discomfort of bras digging into us or panties riding up a little too much – not ideal.


With shapewear underwear, your body will look smooth and sculpted in your outfits and you’ll go through your day without even having to think about what you’re wearing underneath. There are various underwear options too, from core control high-waisted to sculpting briefs. 


Bodysuits are almost like your knickers and bra in one. You have the option to wear these underneath too though for extra added support, especially if you’re wearing the bodysuit as an outfit. Shapewear bodysuits are there to smooth and sculpt your silhouette in the right places – you don’t have to worry about your chest being flattened!


Again, there are plenty of bodysuit options for you to select from. So whether you’re looking for a  backless, sheer or “barely there” finish, you have the luxury of choice. 

Maternity Wear

Shapewear products are also loved throughout moms’ maternity process – during and after pregnancy. The pregnancy range provides you with clothing that adapts to your changing body throughout the months. Non-compressive core sections mean that growing bumps are not restricted. Then, after the baby is born there are also postpartum nursing bras with leak protection. These are designed to be lightweight, as well as easy to open and close for the baby to access during feeds. There really is a shapewear item for every adult, no matter where they’re at in life. 


These are just some of the shapewear options you can make the most of. The ranges available only seem to be getting more advanced, as well as growing in what properties they offer. We are excited to see what shapewear lines come out next! 

Do you own any shapewear pieces? Are you going to take the plunge and try some for yourself? There’s nothing to lose by giving something new a go and changing up your wardrobe.

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