Weekly Highlights World Book Day & Captain Marvel

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I am really enjoying sharing our weekly highlights at the end of each week. This is something I began doing last month and it’s going down really well.

Sharing the good bad and the ugly is a great way to simply record our everyday lives and a good way to focus on the blessings and the things we have to be grateful for, especially when I feel down due to chronic illness. 

So here are our highlights! Enjoy! 

What We Watched! Murder Mysteries and Captain Marvel

This week I have watched a few true murder mysteries on TV. As gruesome and horrific as they are, I do find the investigations and the stories of how the killers were caught very interesting. I enjoyed one show each night as I worked on some automatic pilot tasks on the blog. 

Sylvia and John went to see Captain Marvel at the movies. It was a great activity for International Women’s Day and John surprised Sylvia with a Captain Marvel Doll from Hasbro. They loved the movie and Sylvia loves her doll. 

Homemade on Guard Wipes

I’ve had an ongoing problem for the past year with repeat tummy infections at the point where I insert my cannula for my Adrenal pump. No matter how hard I tried, I’ve struggled to prevent repeated cellulitis which makes me very unwell and means I have to double up on medication. 

Even after showering, cleaning my stomach with Dettol and wiping with alcohol wipes, I have still had major issues, leading to serious problems which make me super unwell. 

So I have been proactive in researching and looking for a solution. As I have recently begun using Doterra essential oils I decided to try and use a blend of oils called On guard on my stomach. The oil blend has some strong antimicrobial properties and according to research, has the ability to eliminate bacteria in the same way Dettol and other wipes do. 

Doterra oils, however, are 100% pure grade oils and therefore much stronger. I decided to make my own On Guard Wipes. We bought some strong kitchen roll, placed it into a plastic bag, added hot water and some drops of On Guard oil. 

I’ve then used the wipes to clean my skin several times each day and for the first time in months, I’ve had two weeks free from new infections. 

I was getting a new infection every 2-3 days for months and the Doctor simply kept giving me antibiotics. I still have 5 lumps under my skin, where old infections are clearing up but no new infections in two weeks is a massive achievement. 

I will keep you updated but I think I may have found a solution to this issue. 

World Book Day – Gladriel Costume

For World Book day Sylvia was going to go as Little Red Riding Hood. We got her costume ready the night before and then about 5 minutes before it was time to go to school, my daughter had a change of heart. 

Sylvia decided she wanted to wear her Gladriel costume from her dad’s favourite book The Lord Of The Rings. I did not have time to take a photo in the morning and was not well after school but here is a photo of Sylvia in the dress at the time we purchased it. 

She really enjoyed world book day and although her costume did not win a prize. (That is usually the homemade one’s made by mother’s who are not sick and have the energy to do so) Sylvia’s Gladriel outfit was unique and no one else was dressed as that character. 

So that was a win in our eyes! 

gladriel costume for kids

Instant Pot Dinner – Instant Pot Taco Pasta

This week due to being so so unwell with my tooth extraction and adrenal insufficiency, I was unable to cook the types of meals I would have liked to. 

We had cheese toasties, pizza and microwave meals which were not ideal but when your so unwell and your husband is not home or also unwell (he has been unwell part of this week) you simply have to do your best. 

The good news is on Wednesday and Thursday I managed to cook real meals in our Instant Pot. We had Instant Pot Pasta bake on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a cooked chicken with veg and rice. 

When your unwell being able to eat nutritious meals is so important so it felt so good to get the veg and healthy food in my body. 

Here is my recipe for Instant Pot Taco Pasta!

My Little Luxuries

Over the years I have slowly become better at giving myself nice things. It’s been a hard process as I did at one point struggled to get anything nice. 

It was all down to the way I had been treated in my past relationships and I found it difficult to buy anything nice for myself. 

Things are changing over the months and I am slowly and steadily enjoying little luxuries as everyday people do. 

This week my little luxury was Chili Phili Cheese. We bought some lovely cheese and I had cheese and tomato crackers. I also bought myself a new essential oil Ylang Ylang which is a great oil for anxiety and relaxation.

I haven’t used it yet as I ordered a rollerball for 65p and once that arrives I will make a rollerball of this oil and test it out to see if it can help me when I feel added stress. I will keep you updated.

So that’s our weekly highlights and I am excited to see what is in store next week! 

Angela x 

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