Super Cute Girls Shopkins Dress

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Super Cute Girls Shopkins Dress

Last week we were excited to receive a Girls Shopkins Dress for my daughter Sylvia to wear.  The Shopkins Dress came from Noisy Sauce and Sylvia was super excited. In fact, she has wanted to wear her new dress all week and even wore it out on her bike and ended up covered in mud, she has simply fallen in love with this new dress and I can’t fault her, after all, she is Shopkins mad.

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The dress is really unique and is an official Shopkins sublimated skater dress for girls. The dress features many of the small Shopkins characters which my daughter Sylvia collects and loves to watch on Youtube.

I’d not heard of Noisy Sauce before but they a fabulous kids clothing range which features popular characters from different toy themes, Disney movies and much more. It’s really a cool website which some great clothes available.

Sylvia loved her dress the moment she saw it and then went and collected all her little Shopkins to place in a basket. Her favourite Shopkins is Minnie Minty and we had a bit of fun looking at the dress and naming who all the tiny characters are.

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