Visiting the Blackpool Tower All You Need to Know

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Blackpool Tower All You Need To Know

Blackpool Tower is one place I always wanted to visit as a child. I finally had the opportunity to take my daughter as an adult and today I’m sharing our experience. I hope you find this Blackpool guide useful and am sure you will find everything you need to know when visiting the Blackpool Tower.

This Blackpool guide includes how to get a discount on your Blackpool Tower entry as well as a list of the Blackpool attractions, the Blackpool tower opening times and our review of the different attractions available on the Blackpool Big Ticket.

What Is the Blackpool Big Ticket?

If your looking for things to do in Blackpool then the Blackpool Big Ticket is an ideal place to start. The Blackpool Big ticket enables you to visit seven of the best Blackpool attractions available at the most affordable cost.

Going to individual attractions such as the Blackpool Tower eye or visiting the Blackpool Tower Dungeon can be quite expensive if you pay individually. With the Blackpool Big Ticket you can save more then 50% of the standard admission prices saving a huge amount of money.

The Blackpool Big Ticket is valid for 90 days which means you can visit your attractions over a week whist on holiday in Blackpool or you can make one or two day trips over a 3 month period.

What Attractions Can I Visit on the Blackpool Big Ticket?

The Blackpool Big Ticket covers the following seven attractions.

  • The Blackpool Tower Eye
  • The Blackpool Tower Dungeon
  • The Blackpool Tower Circus
  • The Blackpool Tower Circus
  • Jungle Jims
  • Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool
  • SEA LIFE Blackpool

How Much Is The Blackpool  Big Ticket?

The Blackpool Big ticket offers a huge discount and entry to the best Blackpool attractions for the following prices.

  • £46 per adult aged 15+
  • £33.50 per child aged 3 -14 years
  • £8.95 per Toddler under 3 years.

Blackpool Tower Opening Times

The Blackpool Tower opens daily at 10am. The Tower closes at different times depending on the season and The Blackpool Circus is usually closed on a Friday. To check the specific times for your visit to The Blackpool Tower check out the Opening Times Daily Guide.

Visiting the Blackpool Tower Eye

The Blackpool Tower Eye is an amazing experience for those wanting a view of Blackpool from the top. The Blackpool Tower is accessible to both abled bodied people and those with disabilities such as myself. You can visit the Blackpool tower using a wheelchair and there is a special lift to help reach the 4D cinema experience that everyone watches before travelling up to the Blackpool Eye.

The 4D Cinema is a fantastic little show to get you excited and ready to visit the top of the tower. Once you have queued and made your way to the Tower Eye you can test out the famous glass SkyWalk and walk around the tower to see the whole of Blackpool.

We loved the views from the top of the Blackpool Tower. This was a fun and unique experience. At 390 feet in the air we had the most amazing views of the beach, the famous promenade, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and much more.

You can stay at the top of the tower for as long as you like. There is a bar for drinks and for those wanting to go a little higher, you can climb some stairs to see the very top of the Blackpool Tower.

Once you travel back down, you get to visit the Blackpool Tower Store and can purchase a range of Blackpool souvenirs such as a trophy or medal for conquering the Blackpool Eye. Individual ticket options start at £8 per person.

Visiting the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is one spectacle you don’t want to miss. In fact this had to be one of the highlights of my visit to the Blackpool Tower.

The Blackpool tower ballroom can be a a wonderful experience for both adults and children. Built in 1894 the Tower Ballroom is famous for its grand architecture and popular dance floor. My daughter was excited to visit the Blackpool Tower Ballroom which is  famous for it’s roll in BBC’s Strictly Come Dance competition.

We visited the Tower Ballroom which was stunning to view and my family enjoyed listening to the Wurlitzer organ music as we watched professionals and visitors dance to the ballroom music.

Afternoon Tea in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is a great place to have afternoon tea and we did just that. We were seated in a lovely section of the ballroom and enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon tea with unlimited drinks and delightful refreshments.

The afternoon tea experience was a real highlight and included freshly made sandwiches, scones with jam and clotted cream and a collection of gorgeous desserts.

My husband and daughter had fun testing out the dance floor and the food is certainly something you wouldn’t want to miss when visiting the Blackpool ballroom.


Visiting Blackpool Tower Jungle Jims

Jungle Jim’s is a fantastic destination for kids to release some energy while the parents sit and take a break.The Jungle Jim playground is a fun play area for kids full of activities, slides, ball pools and safe areas to climb.

We visited Jungle Jim’s for one hour and enjoyed a drink while our daughter made the most of her play time.

I think it’s great to be able to take the kids to Jungle Jim’s in Blackpool Tower between other attractions which require walking and relaxing in the jungle Jim’s seating area was a welcome break for the adults.

Visiting The Blackpool Tower Circus 

Visiting the Blackpool Tower circus is a fantastic experience and one you don’t want to miss. Hosted by Mooky and Mr Boo, the circus is both fun, exciting and thrilling to watch.

Whether your looking for a good laugh or wanting to see exciting acrobatics his is the show for you.

We enjoyed the 2 hour circus performance and our favourite parts of the show had to be the Star Wars themed trampolining along with the stellar performance by the contortionist.

We were in constant hysterics laughing and enjoying the humour of The Blackpool Circus and with a 15 minute interval we were able to get our daughter’s face painted and purchase some half time refreshments.

One of the performances that had us on the edge of our seats was performed by Tarzan. His amazing acrobatic skills were awesome to watch and we even had a chance to say hello to Tarzan after the show which was brilliant.

Visiting the Blackpool Tower Dungeon

The Blackpool Dungeon is a scary and unique experience for adults and children over eight years old. We entered the Blackpool dungeon and began the frightful journey with some quick photos.

As we travelled to the dungeons we moved from room to room as we experienced great acting and ghoulish behaviour watching scenes about the Black Plague, learning about Saxons and Vikings and seeing the court room and dungeons.

The Blackpool dungeon keeps you on edge as you experience frights and scares and learn more about the history of Blackpool. There is also a drop dead ride at the end of the dungeon experience for those brave enough to try it out.

We ended our Blackpool dungeon experience by picking up a photo we had taken and sitting in the tavern at the end of the attraction.

Visiting Madame Tussaud’s Blackpool

Madame Tussaud’s in Blackpool is one place you don’t want to miss. The wax works has an amazing collection and I was very impressed with the art and skill used to create the wax sculptures.

From famous television stars, to football players, to musicians and scientists, you’re sure to find a wax work of someone you admire. My daughter really enjoyed finding the Queen along with William and Kate. Her favourite wax figure had to be Ariana Grande.

blackpool tower big ticket madam tussaud's

Visiting Sealife Blackpool

SeaLife Blackpool is an amazing place to visit with plenty of Sealife to see. During our last visit to Sealife Sylvia loved seeing the Nemo fish along with the starfish and the sharks.

SeaLife Blackpool has an array of creatures from Stingrays to seahorses to crabs. You can view open top tanks, walk under certain aquariums and even take part in a Shark Experience if your brave enough to try it.

I love that Sealife Blackpool has such a great variety of Sea creatures and there are so many facts to read and learn as you go on your adventure. The site is accessible to wheelchairs and there are opportunities to have fun photos at the attraction.

blackpool tower and sealife visits

Top Tips for Visiting the Blackpool Tower

When visiting Blackpool Tower I’d make sure you have plenty of time. Maybe split up the attractions you visit over a period of several days. Make sure you have a drink bottle and maybe invest in a refillable slushy if you’ve got kids.

Don’t try to cram too much into one day and try alternating between attractions which involve walking and attractions which have time sitting down.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the time you have. Family holiday’s are precious and creating new experiences and memories is all part of the fun of visiting Blackpool.

blackpool tower

*We received complimentary Blackpool Big Tickets to aid writing this post*


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