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Just after Christmas, my daughter Sylvia began testing out some Vegamour hair growth products. My teenager Sylvia has been looking for a way to support her hair growth and we were interested in trying products made from plant-based ingredients without the use of harmful chemicals. Today we will be sharing our experience.

What Is Vegamour?

Vegamour is a brand of haircare products that are made from 100% vegan ingredients. The products are formulated with natural and organic botanicals, essential oils and other plant-based sources to help nourish, strengthen and support healthy hair growth without the use of harsh chemicals or synthetics.

Vegamour Hair Growth Products We Tried

We decided to test out four products from the Vegamour range. The items we tried were:

  • Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Shampoo
  • Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Conditioner
  • Vegamour Gro Scalp Detoxifying Serum
  • Vegamour Gro Lash Serum

I’ll now talk about each product and discuss how we used it and the results. Enjoy!

Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Shampoo

The Vegamour Gro revitalizing shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients to gently cleanse the scalp from impurities and help provide hydration.

The Vegamour shampoo is a color safe and 100% vegan and cruelty-free product. This shampoo is formulated with baobab and ximinea oils to help nourish and hydrate the hair as well as restore volume and shine.

Sylvia used this shampoo every other day for approximately 6 weeks and she noticed that her hair felt softer and looked shinier than before.

Vegamour Gro Revitalizing Conditioner

The Vegamour Gro revitalizing conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients to help provide hydration and add volume to the hair.

The Vegamour hydrating conditioner is free of all GMOs, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and silicone. My daughter applied a small amount of conditioner to her hair following shampooing and then rinsed it after a few minutes allowing time for the phyto actives to absorb.

As well as having softer, shinier hair, my daughter noticed her hair has become a little thicker with more volume.

Vegamour Gro Scalp Detoxifying Serum

The Vegamour Gro scalp detoxifying serum is formulated to help support healthy hair growth and restore a balanced environment on the scalp.

This vegan and cruelty-free serum contains essential oils, plant-based extracts and other botanicals to help rehydrate the scalp.

This detoxifying serum was used by my teenager once a week after washing and conditioning her hair and we noticed a real shine after each use.

Vegaamour Gro Lash Serum

Vegamour Gro lash serum helps to condition and nourish the lashes, providing a look of fuller and longer lashes.

The lash serum is enriched with phytonutrients, vitamins and peptides to help fortify the follicles for healthier-looking lashes.

My daughter applied this product to the roots of her upper and lower lashes twice a day and she noticed after a few weeks her lashes appeared a little longer and thicker.

The lash serum was the favorite product that my daughter tested out from the Vegamour range and she asked me to buy more once her serum has run out.

Do Vegamour Hair Growth Products Work?

Yes! We have tried regular shampoos and after changing to Vegamour we noticed a real difference in the quality of Sylvia’s hair. It is much more fuller, shinier and has grown faster than usual.

Sylvia loved having a product to detoxify the scalp and I feel this added an extra layer of protection to her hair health. The lash serum also worked wonders and we both were impressed with the results.

Overall, Vegamour has been a great experience for us and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking to restore their hair health. We look forward to continuing with Vegamour in the future and sharing our experience with others!

This was an honest review: The products were gifted in return for an honest review.

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