Understanding the Crawl Space Encapsulation Process

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Crawl Space encapsulation is a process when an expert seals the area below your home so its air doesn’t flow into other areas of your home. This waterproofing technique is becoming quite popular, and only crawl space experts can handle the task. Let’s check the step-by-step process.

Step No.1 Dealing with Crawl Space Problem

Foundation experts don’t start sealing this area quickly. First, they inspect the space, identify its existing problem and find the best solution. Sometimes, water problems in your crawl space due to improper grading or inadequate drainage. They fix these issues first. Another most common problem in crawl space is mold growth. If floor joist or HVAC equipment has mold development, there is a need to clean it before initiating the process.

Step No.2 Safety Inspection

After dealing with the problem, the crawl repair service provider will do a safety inspection. Sometimes, an appliance leaks gas into the air. If experts seal the area, this gas starts drifting back to your home, causing health hazards. 

Step No.3 Sealing The Space

Contractors will install vapor barriers on the floor so that soil moisture won’t evaporate in the environment. They install thermal barriers on walls. Spray foam insulation is becoming common. This foam won’t let outside air find an entry point in the crawl space. Foam board will be attached to the crawl space door while all its opening and vent will be sealed. Once all sealing is done, the contractor will check another wiring,drain lines, joist, and plumbing penetration. They will air seal all these gaps.

Step No.4 Dehumidifier 

After completing the sealing, contractors will install a dehumidifier. They choose the right kind and size of this equipment to maintain a low humidity level in space and keep it fully dry.

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Many homeowners wonder why to invest money in crawl space encapsulation services. Well, this investment helps you enjoy many benefits that are described as follows.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality– Air from crawl space moves around your home. When this area is left untreated, biological contaminants from this area will add to your living space at the mercy of pests. The air you breathe in becomes infected, and you experience breathing and health issues. You can avoid this problem through complete sealing services, aka encapsulation. It’s suggested to make a healthy living environment for your family members with this service.
  • Hygiene: Crawl space has become a scary area of the home. It’s because rodents are there. Spiders may bite you when you walk in there. This place shouldn’t be dangerous. It’s part of your home, so you must be free from pest infestation. If you don’t get crawl space repair services, you may have to battle with spiders, camel crickets, or other pests.  
  • Low Energy Consumption: If you have correctly encapsulated the crawl space, then your home floor will be more relaxed in summer and warm in winter. Besides, your HVAC unit will last longer and consume less energy. Thereby, you can save money on electricity bills.

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