UK Sweets and Chocolate From the Sweet Hamper Company

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As a child, I loved visiting the corner shop to choose sweets from the many jars displayed on the shelves. I still have my favorite British sweets, as do my husband and daughter. Since moving to New Zealand our access to UK sweets has been very limited. So you can imagine how excited we were to receive the opportunity to review a parcel from the Sweet Hamper Company based in Essex.

Traditional UK sweets are a great gift idea and with so many hamper options, there are hampers and gifts to suit every taste.

Whether you call them sweets, candy, or lollies, you’ll adore these Sweet Hampers which are perfect for both birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas.

The Sweets in this photo were gifted.….

What Is the Sweet Hamper Company?

The Sweet Hamper Company is an online UK sweets company offering a range of gift hampers, sweet bouquets, and confectionary subscription boxes. They provide hampers with traditional UK sweets, along with chocolate hampers.

They also deliver gorgeous wicker baskets filled with a selection of retro sweets, UK favourites as well as American Candy.

Treat Yourself to a Classic English Sweets Hamper

This week our fantastic sweets and chocolate hamper arrived from the Sweet Hamper Company. We received a huge collection of treats from sour dummies to fried eggs and sherbert lemons. We also had some of our favourite childhood sweets from rainbow drops to popping candy to sherbert fountains.

We also received a great selection of UK chocolates including diary milk and galaxy chocolate which we love.

Different Size Sweet Hampers

When ordering a package from the Sweet Hamper Company you can choose from a range of sizes, from a small personalised box to an extra-large sweet and chocolate hamper.

You can also choose what kind of sweets you like including retro, 1980’s and 1990’s sweets to pick and mix options. They even have vegan-friendly sweet hampers which are perfect as a gift for vegans.

Whether you love fizzy favourites, juicy gummies or tangy sours, flying saucers or bonbons, you can get a fantastic selection of treats that are vintage and nostalgic.

This to me is way better than the regular supermarket selection box!

Do We Love the Sweet Hamper Company?

We have been so impressed with the Sweet Hamper Company. The amount of time and effort that has gone into choosing a fantastic selection is immense, not to mention the care taken to package up each hamper perfectly.

When I received our Hamper in the mail, my family was so excited. We loved looking through the box of treats and seeing what was inside. It made us feel like children again!

My mum was excited to see the Sherbert Dip and dad took the liqorice allsorts. I sent a photo of our hamper to my husband and he was super excited.

Can I Recommend the Sweet Hamper Company

I would recommend this company to anyone who isn’t able to source their favourite UK sweets easily anymore, or if you want a great gift idea that is unique and fun. You can even get a regular subscription box – which I would do if I was in the UK.

The Sweet Hamper Company has been fantastic and we are so excited to try out all these delicious sweets. We think the company is great for gifts both big and small at any time of year. Which sweet hamper will you order?

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