Tips on Wearing a White Dress

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White dresses have been a staple in women’s fashion for ages and for good reasons. From casual outings to formal events, you can never go wrong with a stylish white dress. It matches all skin tones, grabs attention, and is easy to accessorize. 

Nonetheless, there is more to wearing a white dress, like choosing the right shade or thoughtful layering. Below are some tips and tricks to get it right and stand out in a white dress.  

Choose the Right Shade of White

While white is suitable for any skin tone, selecting the right shade allows you to pull off a stunning look. For some people, certain shades of white can make their skin appear sallow or drab. There are various shade recommendations that flatter different skin tones. 

If you have fair skin, it best to go for a warm or off white. A stark shade can make your skin tone look washed out. Cool, silk, and champagne whites work best for individuals with olive complexions. 

For the lucky ones with dark complexions, almost all shades of white (exceptions may include ivory or yellowish whites) blend excellently. If you have a medium complexion, you best bet would be creamy whites and ivories.

Layering a White Dress

Among the benefits of white dresses is their versatility, making layering that much simpler. You can pair a white dress with a blazer, jacket or even a cardigan, to create different looks and breathe new life into your outfit. 

If you’re going for polished and sophisticated, a great choice is a blazer with neutral tones like tan or brown. These hues compliment the white perfectly, enabling you to exude professionalism. Blazers add a layer and structure to your look, and are great for any formal setting. 

For a casual and chic look, layer your white dress with a jacket with complementary bold and earthy tones. A touch of textured accessories can complete the outfit.

The Right Footwear

Matching a white dress with the right shoes is crucial. Fortunately, you have plenty of suitable options here. You can try about just about any design and colour. 

Black shoes look awesome with a white dress and can create a cohesive outfit. They are perfect if you want a dressier, edgy, and trendy look. You can spruce up and balance the look with a black belt or other complementary accessory. 

For a bold statement, you can go with brightly coloured shoes like red, pink, or green. Patterned and metallic shoes (silver and gold) are also great alternatives. These options can make an all-white dress pop, providing glitz and shine in a party-worthy outfit. Bright colours can turn a simple white dress into a memorable look. 

Another option is clear shoes, which have had resurgence in recent times. Clear and vinyl shoes are not only chic but can create a sophisticated look with the right dress. Neutral and natural tone shoes can also work wonders, since white looks amazing with other neutrals. 

Grey, tan, brown, and other earth-toned shoes pair well with a white dress. Note that white shoes aren’t the best option. This combination can make you appear too monochromatic or bridal. 

How to Accessorize 

A white dress is a plain canvas and is therefore perfect for making statement accessories and jewellery stand out. When accessorizing, there are two main things to consider – the dress style and occasion. For instance, a formal white dress would look best with restrained silver, gold, or diamond necklaces and earrings. 

You can pair free maxi-type dresses with boho-style pieces made from beads, leather, pendants and the like. To create visual uniformity, it’s best to match the colour of your accessories with that of your footwear. For example, if go for silver sandals, you can choose a gold belt, necklace, or earrings. 

A clutch bag is also a great option to complete your white dress outfit.  Opt for bold colours as they help break the monochromatic look and brighten up your outfit. 

What to Wear Under

A major issue with wearing a white dress is that other colours, textures, and patterns may be visible under your dress. This of course depends on the material, with sheer dresses showing off the most. 

Place an arm beneath the dress to check if it’s visible. If so, you can wear a nude slip that matches your skin tone underneath. In the case of undergarments, they should also match your skin tone. Go for simple options that don’t have beads, laces, and other embellishments.


White dresses are sophisticated and highly versatile, and a must have in any woman’s wardrobe.  This classic fashion staple is perfect for all occasions, whether you’re gracing an evening soiree or attending a business meeting. Nearly all colours complement white, giving you unlimited options when it comes to styling. 

You can elevate your outfit effortlessly with the right layers, footwear, and accessories. However, pulling of a dashing look starts with getting the right dress. Fortunately, HEYCHIC is here to help. We offer a comprehensive collection of trendy women’s dresses and accessories in a variety of styles, fabrics, and colours to help you create all manner of figure-flattering looks. 

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