The Star Wars r2d2 Bop It

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I am a total Star Wars Nerd/Geek. I am not the type of person who constantly talks about Star Wars or Star Wars related subjects in all my conversations. However, I will have a Star Wars movie marathon at least once a month. The same goes for some Star Wars toys out there which just happen to cross my path. So getting my hands on this Star Wars Bop It R2D2 toy was an opportunity not to miss. 

I do look to see if there are some toys which I think, ‘That would be okay if the wife will let me have it’ or if you can justify to her how much it costs. So when the chance to review a Star Wars toy, which landed on my lap; I wasn’t exactly going to say no. Now this ‘IS’ the Droid ‘YOU’ are looking for! Sorry for the bad pun, but I couldn’t resist. The Star Wars R2D2 Bop-it is a toy for all ages.

The Star Wars Bop It

The Star Wars ‘R2D2 Bop It‘ or Star Wars Bop it is a very cool idea for engaging children of all ages and having family fun. The R2D2 Bop-it has managed to almost convert my daughter to Star Wars toys while also managing play with it non-stop. At one point, my daughter was playing with it more than her own toys.

Which is not normal for a girl, but she has been playing with Star Wars toy, so it’s a win-win for her geeky Dad. Just as it says in the box, the voice is supposed to be that of C3P0, although, in my opinion, it doesn’t sound anything like 3PO.

How to Play Bop It With R2d2

Star Wars R2D2 Bop It has three sections for the user to interact with. The first one is R2D2’s head. The top part of R2D2’s head starts off the music and is also part beginning rotation. R2D2’s head also twists and is the second action on the rotation list. When the game is not going, twisting R2D2’s head will set the volume level to Low, Medium or High. The final part of the rotation is R2D2’s legs. So, just re-iterate 3PO will then ask for either Bop-it, Twist it or Pull it. The game will get faster and faster, where the user will have less than 0.5 seconds to complete a turn before the next command is given.

If the user gets any of the game requests (Bop-it, Twist it or Pull it) wrong, R2 will Scream just like he does in the movie, as if he has blown a fuse.

3PO will then give you your highest score in that game. If the game is not restarted, 3PO will give a 10-second warning, ‘Bop-it to Start’. If you fail to start a new a Bop-it game, 3PO will automatically put R2 into standby mode.

Bop It Challenge

Having a bop it game on family nights can be fun events. There can be a great way to challenge family members by having a bop it challenge, having a Bop-it high score challenge. 

The highest I ever got was 72 and by that time, the ‘R2D2 Bop It‘ was going so fast, that it was hard to keep up with the instructions. My daughter managed to get to 52, she tried and tried, but I think she never got to beat my score. I guess some dads can win at some game, lol. 

Bop It Instructions

The Bop It instructions are very straight forward and can be different for each version of the game. Some Bop it games have ‘Flick-it’, ‘bop it’, ‘Twist it’, ‘Pull it’. 

For the R2D2 Bop it game, the instructions are very simple. They are: ‘Bop it’, ‘Twist it’ and ‘Pull it’. You Bop It on R2D2’s head, you ‘Pull it’ or pull any of R2D2s legs and then you can also ‘Twist it’, as in twisting the R2D2 Bop-it head. 

Single Player Mode or Two Player Mode

R2 has two players modes, single or a two-player mode (Pass it). To change the user mode, pull R2’s legs and 3PO will say which mode R2 is set to, 3PO will announce ‘Single or Pass It. When in two player mode, you both will have to be quick if you are both up for the game. The more sequences you both get right, the faster the R2D2 Bop-it will become, the higher the score will be at the end.

Where to Buy The Star Wars R2D2 Bop-it sell the Star Wars R2D2 Bop-it for around £18, you can View it Here. You can also buy other Bop It toys from Argos. With the version has batteries are included (2x AAA).  Bop it Argos toys are also available, although slightly more expensive and the batteries are sold separately. So, I would recommend you purchase your Star Wars Bop it through Amazon.

I would say the Star Wars R2D2 Bop It toy is a great little investment for all the family and not just for the hardened Star Wars fan. It is not too expensive and can just sit with the rest of your memorabilia and just out of reach if you just want to keep it safe for the future. This is one toy I am glad I am not too old to play with, even when it comes to playing with my daughter.

‘May The Force Be With You’

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  1. I’ve got this Bop It around a year after it first came out and I forgot all about it. I recently found it when digging through my storage. It took me a surprisingly short amount of time to beat the “solo” mode. It ends after you get to a score of 100.

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