The Complete Guide to Picking Essential Oil Diffusers for Homes

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Did you know essential oil diffusers have become rapidly popular over the last year? Due to the pandemic, people have been using diffusers to create a positive and relaxing space in the home. However, picking the right oil diffuser can be tricky; after all, no two diffusers are the same. 

I have more than one essential oil diffuser in the home and use them every day both while working as well as at night. I simply pop a few drops of my favorite essential oils into my diffuser and enjoy the subtle scent given from the essential oil mist.

Finding the Best Essential Oil Diffusers for the Home

If unsure what diffuser features to look for, don’t worry; with this guide, you can find the right essential oil diffuser for just about any room!

From understanding the different types of oil diffusers to checking the coverage area, you can learn just how to choose the right diffuser for your home today.  

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at how to choose an essential oil diffuser: 

Understand the Different Types of Oil Diffusers  

Before you compare prices or purchase accessories, you first need to choose which type of diffuser you’re going to buy. After all, different diffusers have different features:

The Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

For example, an ultrasonic diffuser offers a fine fragrance, but since it doesn’t emit heat, it’s also a great humidifier. This little machine is preferred by many for its low noise, making it the optimal night-time diffuser.  

If you’re looking for an ultrasonic diffuser, look for this type of machine with a large reservoir. This way, you can enjoy your favorite essential oils throughout the day instead of constantly refilling the diffuser!

I prefer an oil diffuser that lasts at least three hours. Some diffusers will have buttons that diffuse for up to six hours and even eight hours at a time.


The Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

Mist oil diffusers are great if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home. While this type of diffuser works well as a humidifier, it doesn’t offer as much coverage as an ultrasonic one. That being said, if you have a small room that needs a boost, then go with a mist oil diffuser.

In addition to creating a nice atmosphere in the home, mist oil diffusers are great in the summer for cooling down. That’s why I love using my mist diffuser when sitting in the office on a hot Summer’s day.

A soothing scent such as spearmint oils, peppermint lemongrass or tea tree oil can make a great working environment and a continuous mist is great for boosting the mood.

A Nebulizing Oil Diffuser

A nebulizing diffuser is a great way to enjoy aromatherapy day in day out. A nebulizing diffuser works by breaking down essential oils into microscopic particles to be dispersed into the air. This type of diffuser is great for getting rid of bad odors in the home and is an attractive diffuser to purchase.

Although nebulizing diffusers come in a strong second for their fragrance intensity, they can be the most expensive. Having said this I’ve found that a good quality essential oil diffuser can last many years even when bought at a great price.

The Evaporating Essential Oil Diffuser

While evaporative diffusers are affordable and effective in fragrance intensity, they aren’t the most highly rated. Since they use a fan to circulate the fragrance, evaporative diffusers are often noisy and result in an uneven fragrance distribution. 

For this reason, I prefer the nebulizing and ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

choosing the right oil diffuser

Check the Coverage Area  

Once you understand the type of oil diffuser you want to buy, you will need to look at the amount of coverage area you require. You see, not all diffusers spread fragrance around the same amount of area. That’s why you should look at each unit thoroughly before you purchase it. 

A good point of reference for one to two rooms is roughly 100 to 200 square feet. However, if you want the diffuser to span a larger space, then you’ll want an essential oil mist coverage of about 500 to 600 square feet would be better.  

Buying More Than One Essential Oil Diffuser

Another option is to buy more than one machine for different areas of the home. I have a daytime diffuser in the living room as well as a diffuser in the bedroom as my diffuser runs at night.

My nighttime oil diffuser has led lights. These light fetaures set the mood and create a great bedside lamp while the aromatherapy diffuser fills the room with a relaxing continuous mist to help you fall asleep.

Consider Oil Compatability 

Now, if you have a favorite scent, you like to use or want to try different essential oils, first make sure your diffuser is compatible with the scents. Oils that contain acidic components like lemon and lime often erode the plastic parts of some diffusers. While thicker oils like rose and myrrh can simply clog up the diffuser. 

Check the Instructions

So when you’re picking out a diffuser, always read the manufacturer’s instructions about what oils it’s compatible with. If it’s not specific then, a good rule of thumb is to pick out a scent that’s not too thick or acidic.

My favorite nighttime scent would be lavender. Eucalyptus is also great when someone has a cold. Whatever scent you choose ensure it’s compatible with your essential oil diffuser.

Picking Essential Oil Diffusers For Your Home  

Choosing an essential oil diffuser for your space can be easy when you know what to look for. After all, you need to keep in mind the type of diffuser you want, the coverage area, and if it’s compatible with the oil, you plan to use.

Other Essential Oil Diffuser Features

Once you’ve narrowed your search to one diffuser, look at the customer reviews thoroughly to make sure it’s the one you want to buy.  

You can then look for extra features such as water capacity, light colors, light features and, diffuser size.

So what are you waiting for? Start your search today!

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