The Best Places for Young Creatives to Rent an Apartment

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If you’re the kind of creative soul who craves adventure, like-minded people, and a place to rent an apartment to start making those artistic visions a reality, you may find yourself unsure of exactly where you should be looking to begin the next chapter of your creative life. 

After all, there are several places for artists to go, but with so many different scenes, cultures, and types of creativity to consider, finding the perfect place for your dreams to come true isn’t as simple as you might think. 

Look at our list of places for aspiring artists and creatives to rent an apartment, and you’ll soon know exactly where you need to be to get yourself in the mix in the right city!

Best Places For Young Creatives To Rent

New York

While Manhattan has the cosmopolitan glamour, you may want to rent an apartment in Brooklyn if you’re looking for the true hub of art and culture in New York. 

Brooklyn contains all spectrums of the city’s artistic range within its bustling boroughs, such as actors, musicians, painters, filmmakers, and more. Much like New York itself, all are welcome to come and find their own piece of the creative American dream. 

Los Angeles 

Home to Hollywood, Walt Disney Studios, and The Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles is the epicenter of film and television. Aspiring actors, writers, and directors flock to LA in the hopes of showcasing their skills and being discovered by a big studio.

And with the highest rates of artist employment in the entire United States, it’s not hard to see why people are looking to rent an apartment in this exciting area. 


The best cities for a budding artist aren’t always the most obvious choices. And when it comes to Chicago, there’s more than meets the eye to the Windy City’s creative scene. 

Over the last few years, Chicago has emerged as one of the most underappreciated places for experimental art and creative spaces. It has a wide range of warehouse space that groups of talented young artists can share, and the city’s rent tends to be far cheaper than some of the other names on this list. 


The DIY energy of Philadelphia has created a community of dedicated, passionate, and extremely resourceful creatives who don’t wait around for opportunities to be handed to them. 

Perfect for self-starters and creatives who love to get their hands dirty and don’t mind a little hustle, the iconic museums provide a fascinating contrast between the old and new schools of creativity within this emerging hub of artists. 


The lure of Atlanta has seen creatives who once called New York and LA their homes turn and embrace a fresher, freer, and less expensive scene for creatives to establish their name and begin carving out a career. 

Culturally, Atlanta is experiencing many new faces to the south, and this combination of fresh young creatives with such a historical backdrop has led to some of the most daring art produced in a long time.

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