Not All Sharks Bite Introduction

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Not All Sharks Bite Introduction

Congratulations, the fact your reading this, shows you care enough about yourself to want to be in a healthy, loving and caring relationship. Who doesn’t? Finding someone who you can be truly happy with is part of life’s plan. Relationships are natural, desirable and can enhance one’s life.


Unfortunately Not All Relationships Are Healthy.

This series aims to educate both men and women in recognising the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship during the early stages of dating and once in a relationship. Learning to recognise the ”Danger Flags” of dating and walking away from dangerous and potentially abusive partners can prevent years of suffering, heartache and misery.

As a young woman I have experienced unhealthy and abusive relationships, not once, but twice. Now, two divorces later, having gained the courage to walk away, I have been able to reflect and recognise the ”warning signs of relationship abuse that I was oblivious too when the oxytocin was pumping and I was falling in love with Sharks.

As one enters the sea of love they may find themselves in shark-infested waters. This series describes abusive partners as Sharks and demonstrates the different abusive techniques used to destroy one’s competence, dignity and self-worth.

I am a strong believer that something positive can come from every experience. If these posts educate just one person and prevent them from falling into the deep end, into an unhealthy abusive relationship, then I have achieved my purpose.

Angela x

Don’t forget to read Part One: What is an unhealthy relationship?

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  1. It’s really important to learn how to drop or let go of an abusive relationship or a person who’s abusing you. Both men and women deserve to be treated with love and respect especially by the person they love.

  2. This is really nice! It’s good to educate yourself about abusive relationships and how you can avoid that experience. It’s also about how much you respect and love yourself.

    1. It’s really hard and sometimes the abuse does not begin until the relationship is solid but yes it would be great to gain tolls and insight on how to recognise and leave abuse.

  3. Being able to recognize and walk away is a huge step a lot of women can’t do or unable to do. I am happy that you were able to walk away and grow!

  4. I agree that it’s hard to recognize an abusive relationship for what it’s worth. It’s much easier to spot this at the beginning, before you’ve learned to ignore the little annoyances. As time goes on, it’s more difficult to admit you’ve been accepting poor treatment … and hopefully everyone has someone to support them through a trying decision.

  5. Nice post. For me, I don’t have to stay in an unhealthy relationship. Relationship is a matter of love and respect to each other, so I don’t see a reason of unhealthy relationship if these two components are present.

    1. Well yes it is easy to say but in reality if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship it can be very difficult to leave. I think this series can help those stuck in these relationships but also help raise awareness and understanding for those in good relationships.

  6. I am glad you were prudent enough to walk away from what was toxic. Now you can share your experience, and explain to others what to avoid, and how to behave – that’s powerful!

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