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30 Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger

Here are 30 thoughts I have had as a blogger

Since I started blogging, I’ve had thousands of thoughts and these are a few of my thoughts as a blogger. I wonder if you can relate?


“What shall I blog about?”

“Does anyone even follow me?”

“This is doing my head in!”

“I’m hitting a brick wall”

“I got re-tweeted”.

“Oooh I have some new followers”

“Just checking my Facebook”

“Oooh photo opportunity”

“Hey I should blog about that”.

“This is such a brilliant idea”

“No it’s a rubbish idea”

“I just read my post and it’s no good”

“I thought it was no good but everyone’s reading it!”

“How the heck did I get that Klout score?”

“I’m doing so great. This is amazeballs”

“Maybe I should give up Blogging”

“I should write another post right now”

“I need to ask my partner if he thinks it’s any good?”

“What’s the haps on Twitter”

“I need a notebook to write down all my ideas”

“Gosh I think I’m addicted to this”

“I’m just going to check my stats again”

“I’m flipping brilliant”

“I cant believe I’m writing about the dog again!

“I cant think right now. I’m too tired”.

“Ooh I can make that into something”.

“Oh thats so cool. I could make It into a collage”.

“Comment comment comment- and repeat”

“Where are  the post it notes?”

“Why did I start Blogging”

Hope you liked it

Angela x