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30 Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger


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30 Thoughts I’ve Had As A Blogger

Here are 30 thoughts I have had as a blogger

Since I started blogging, I’ve had thousands of thoughts and these are a few of my thoughts as a blogger. I wonder if you can relate?


“What shall I blog about?”

“Does anyone even follow me?”

“This is doing my head in!”

“I’m hitting a brick wall”

“I got re-tweeted”.

“Oooh I have some new followers”

“Just checking my Facebook”

“Oooh photo opportunity”

“Hey I should blog about that”.

“This is such a brilliant idea”

“No it’s a rubbish idea”

“I just read my post and it’s no good”

“I thought it was no good but everyone’s reading it!”

“How the heck did I get that Klout score?”

“I’m doing so great. This is amazeballs”

“Maybe I should give up Blogging”

“I should write another post right now”

“I need to ask my partner if he thinks it’s any good?”

“What’s the haps on Twitter”

“I need a notebook to write down all my ideas”

“Gosh I think I’m addicted to this”

“I’m just going to check my stats again”

“I’m flipping brilliant”

“I cant believe I’m writing about the dog again!

“I cant think right now. I’m too tired”.

“Ooh I can make that into something”.

“Oh thats so cool. I could make It into a collage”.

“Comment comment comment- and repeat”

“Where are  the post it notes?”

“Why did I start Blogging”

Hope you liked it

Angela x




    1. So true! lol. It’s always in the back of our minds, no matter where we go, what we do. I’m like… is this a blogging opportunity!

  1. I have thought all of those – apart from the Klout score. I still don’t understand Klout……

    Great list #TheList

    1. Me too lol! I don’t get it…just know it ranks us! I’m going to read up some more on that..maybe write about about it! lol Angela xx

    1. Hi Kate. It does if you let it! I try to have “none blogging hours/time” when I don’t think about it. There are so many thought though….lol and I just have to push them away and have time out!

  2. lol i’ve had a lot of those thoughts too. It’s amazing how blogging takes over your train of thought! #TheList

  3. So funny and so true because I think I’ve thought about all those points in my head at least once and there’s also the “I’ll take a photo and use it on my blog” xx

    1. It’s hard to switch off from when it is something I feel so passionate about. xx Enjoyed reading your post on Linky’s by the way! Angelaxx

  4. Hehe I have thought all of these apart from klout score whats that?
    I often think my posts are rubbish and maybe I should quit. Then I get a sudden burst of ideas and start enjoying it again it’s like I go round in circles x

    1. Thanks Katie.I plan to keep going no matter how much I doubt myself..this is the one thing i want to do well at in life!

    1. We must all have doubts in the beginning, I’m sure. Guess we wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t. Angelaxx

    1. Hi Sarah. I totally agree…wish I’d found it sooner. I’ve only just got serious about this and can’t believe how happy it makes me feel. Angela xx

  5. Well, I can definitely relate to this hags, especially the Klout score and “I’ll just check my stats again” #brillblogposts x

    1. I love to look at the stats…but that has to wait..I need to focus on writing great content and building connections online 🙂 But it does pop into my mind..I just have to push it away! lol.

  6. These thoughts ring so true, I think us bloggers sure do over think things 🙂

  7. This is a bit scary as most of those have run through my mind at one point or another 😉 Though there are the added occasions where I fist-pump too if I get a good re-tweet, haha.

    Thanks for making me smile 🙂

    #Brilliant Blog Posts

    1. Hi Klout is an American based platform that records your online influence across social media. Not all bloggers use this but I like to as I find it helpful for myself. Angela

  8. Great list, I have thought many of them, I am not great with confidence so I rarely think I have got it right, but I am forever thinking thats no good, or maybe ill give up, then something good makes me carry on, I love blogging I just need to get my confidence up a little. x

    1. I think doubt is a natural thing for all bloggers. I’ve seen some blogs that are fantastic and the owner has no idea just how fab they are!

  9. its like you see into my brain daily haha everything is like ooo can I instagram that, should i blog about this, must check my emails again. Its never ending! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

  10. Ahhhh yes the writing about the dog again thought….that’s one that enters my mind regularly….to the point I wonder if I should just make my blog exclusive to pets! Also the self doubting vs self loving thoughts…a constant bloggers brain battle!

    Faye x

    1. I don’t even know why I write about Yoda, I just do but i love doing it. After all her is a part of our lives and although he’s not our child, we still have to teach him boundaries and rules just as we teach kids. Angela xx

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