5 Fun Fall Outdoor Date Ideas

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 Last year was an emotional rollercoaster that went from bad to worse. Besides the devastating consequences that it had on families and our economy, the global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns did a number on dating and relationships. Now that the vaccines have started having a positive effect on our lives, dating is once again on the cards for many of us who are no longer confined to our houses. Plan the perfect outdoor date for the upcoming season by trying out these 5 awesome ideas:


There is just something so romantic about gazing at the stars with someone special. It is the most humbling experience to lie there under the stars, cuddled next to your date, as you both realize that the universe is so vast.

Choose a clear evening and head out to an open field, away from the light pollution of the city, to best take in the seemingly endless number of stars that shine brightly above us.

Outdoor Picnic

Outdoor picnics are the greatest way to share a private moment with your significant other, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Pick a sunny day, grab your blanket and order some picnic basket sets for 2.

Remember to pack some wine, ice, and bug spray – that way nothing can stand in the way of sharing a great outdoor experience with your date.

Outdoor Movie

Watching an outdoor movie with your beautiful babe in your backyard is an affordable way to take time out of your busy schedule to keep the romance alive in your relationship. The outdoors are not just for camping anymore.

All you need is a white sheet, a laptop, and a projector. The best movies to choose from are the old classics, like the romantic fan favorites with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

Make a fresh batch of popcorn, fill your plastic cups with soda and you’ll be transported back to your teen years instantly.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Everyone should experience the magic that only a hot air balloon ride can offer. It may not seem like the most romantic experience because you can never be alone but something happens up there that just can’t be explained.

The whole world, and all its troubles, simply melts away as you leave the ground and gently drift off towards the sunset. Most services offer a sunset ride, complete with champagne and snacks; this is the best way to enjoy this unique adventure with your partner.

If you have a problem with heights then you should probably skip this one, there is nothing attractive about a panic attack – if this is you then keep both feet on the ground.

Sunset Horse Ride

The best way to enjoy a date is to pick an activity that you both love, especially one that promotes bonding and teamwork. Going for a couple’s horse ride at sunset is a beautiful way to spend your evening together.

You can choose to slow it down and take the beauty of your surroundings as your horses trot next to each other on a scenic route.

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