Starting a Self-Care Routine: Top Tips

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Everyone seems to be talking about self-care, but it can be hard to know how to apply this to your own life. If you’ve been feeling tired, rundown, or not quite like yourself, you might be in need of a little bit of care and attention. Luckily, you can provide all of this for yourself and you don’t have to copy anyone else’s idea of fun either. Whether you’ve failed at a self-care routine before or have no idea where to begin, this list of tips will set you up for success.

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Understand What You Need

Self-care looks a little different for everyone. Some people will need to treat themselves to a bubble bath once a week, while others will prefer a riveting hike. Spend some time thinking about the things in your life that are bringing you down. If unhealthy eating and a poor sleep schedule are the culprits, start by eating more vegetables, taking a supplement rich in chaga mushrooms, and reading before bed instead of staring at your phone. Alternatively, if you’ve been working too much and haven’t had much time to relax, book a spa visit or indulge in a movie marathon at the weekend.

Create a Plan

Once you know what you need, it’s important to set goals and create a schedule. Without this, it’s easy to lose track and drop your self-care routine after just a few weeks. Keep yourself accountable by setting up a digital calendar or telling your friends about what you’re planning to do and when. If you’re not sure how you’re going to achieve some of the items on your list, create an action plan and do some research. Without understanding the details, your plan won’t feel real and will probably fall through.

Be Flexible

Having a plan is a good thing, but if sticking to your self-care routine is making you more stressed or isn’t having the desired effects, you may need to re-evaluate. Be gentle with yourself and adapt to your changing needs. One week a movie marathon might be great, but the next you might prefer a session in the gym. Self-care is all about leaving rigidity at the door and forging healthier habits that work for you. Similarly, if you miss your chilled-out Saturday afternoon slot, make a note and try to replace your ‘me time’ with a long lunch on the following Wednesday.

Get Some Support

If you’re finding it hard to make time for self-care due to commitments like childcare, ask your friends and family to help out. In return, you can be there for them when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Most of our loved ones are more than happy to contribute to our plans to better our lives. You never know, some of your friends might also be trying to get better at self-care and may join in with some of your activities.

Self-care isn’t something that happens overnight, but it is something you can start right now.

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