Six Top Smartphone-Friendly Games for Animal Lovers 

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If you’re obsessed with your pet and adore animals in general, then, chances are, you probably enjoy a number of animal-related things in today’s world. Documentaries on dogs appeal, podcasts discussing wild animals in Africa are an option, and you might even explore the various animal-themed smartphone games that are occupying the space. 

Smartphone gaming’s appeal has grown anyway given the new and improved releases that can be explored in seconds, with many of them now appealing to animal lovers. In fact, games with an animal theme are fairly common and provide plenty of entertainment for people. Some titles involve looking after and feeding your very own virtual pet, while others might task you with running your very own farm. Below is a look at six great options. 

smartphone-friendly games for animal lovers

Crossy Road is simple but fun 

A game that has a fairly simple premise, Crossy Road is all about guiding a chicken across the road. Based on the fairly unoriginal jokes that people have been known to tell over the years, the aim of the game is to cross a series of roads while making sure your chicken avoids dangerous obstacles in the process, such as cars and water. Also containing unlockable characters and an online mode, Crossy Road serves up the simple fun many mobile gamers crave. 

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is delightful 

A superb title that has entertained millions of mobile gamers over the years, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp essentially revolves around a campsite for a plethora of animals, except you’re in charge. By inviting animals into your camp, they’re then under your care and you have a number of tasks to carry out that will make sure they’re well looked after. You’ll have to craft items and catch food, while also striving to keep your camp’s population healthy and making it a welcoming environment for your animal family to stay in. 

Pokemon Go has an augmented reality feature 

Pokemon Go isn’t new and it doesn’t strictly contain animals as such, but a number of the Pokemon you can catch have clearly been based on some much-loved creatures from the real world. Better still, you can immerse yourself in an outside environment in this one thanks to the game’s amazing augmented reality feature.

Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites is popular right now 

An online casino game with a cute animal theme, Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites is popular right now. Taking place on five reels, three rows, and 25 fixed paylines, this eye-catching slot product contains a selection of loveable animals as players enjoy this stunning pet sim that enables them to raise an adorable furry friend and progress through the levels in what is a truly fun and exciting slot game to session. Also offering free spins and a selection of other appealing bonuses, Fluffy Favourites is a great game to play. 

Farming Simulator 23 is impressive 

If Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp doesn’t sound realistic enough for you, then the perfect alternative is definitely Farming Simulator 23. Despite the game not being free-to-play, it’s well worth exploring as you grow and harvest crops, breed animals, and loads more in this superb title that boasts immaculate graphics. 

WildCraft deserves more attention 

A game that definitely deserves more success than it has experienced so far, WildCraft is a joy to play as gamers explore life as a fox, lynx, and a selection of other animals. This adventure RPG focuses on survival in the wild and everything that entails, from raising a family to fighting off the various threats that will come your way. Offering clean graphics and an engaging offering on the whole, downloading WildCraft is definitely recommended.

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