Before I qualified as a teacher, I took part in an University Summer School programme where we helped children with reading difficulties to catch up to the correct reading stage. One of the key things we had to do at the very start was ensure the children knew the sounds and letters of the alphabet. This is essential for teaching children the basics.

Today I am sharing a wonderful Phonics Matching Game. It’s simple and easy to make and a great easy activity to boost literacy skills for kids around 4-5 years old. It’s also a fab idea for testing and checking that older children can recognise all the letters and sounds of the alphabet.

Leaf Phonics Matching Game

To make this game you will need some glass pebbles. You can buy these online or from the dollar store or pound land. You will also need paint or posca paint pens. These are great for writing on glass and you can choose whatever colour you like. They are also easy to wipe of if you make a mistake.



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What You Need

Posca Pen




Green Craft Foam


phonics matching game

Let’s Make It

It’s a easy and simple craft and a simple game for kids. I’m sure they will love it.


phonics matching game


Create a leaf template and cut out using the scissors. Use a pencil to draw around the template onto the green foam to make leaves and repeat until you have 26 leaves.


phonics matching game


Choose a Posca Pen and paint on the letters of the alphabet onto the pebbles. For this tutorial I used lower case letters. You can do upper or lower case or both.


phonics matching game

You can now play a matching game. Get the children to match the letters on the pebbles to the letters on the green foam leaves. Encourage the child to name the letters and say the sounds and whilst playing test their knowledge of each letter and sound. It’s a great skill to check and a good place to start especially when helping a child who may be struggling.


phonics matching game

Have fun making and playing this game with the little ones.

phonics matching game

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