A Poem to My Daughter the Beauty Within

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A Poem to My Daughter the Beauty Within

I look at you and see you smile my heart melts and I feel, both happiness and joy and pain for all we have endured.

For times apart and times at home, together and abroad. I missed you then when you were gone but you came home to me.

While some may say get over it, she’s home and yours to keep. Five years it’s been since you came back but still the pain is deep.

Yes time will heal and scars will fade and memories will dim. Yet deep inside the tear ducts flow for how I feel within.

No compensation big or small can make up for lost time. Let’s not look back but forward march for you my child are mine.

Injustices will happen. We all have trials to bear.  Yet ours have been much tougher and not everything is fair.

A sweet sweet child you are my dear and confidence will grow. It’s taken time, to heal and bloom, and slowly it will show.

My brave brave child we will be strong and grow you will me dear. I’ll stand beside you everyday and talk away your fears.

Your beautiful inside and out and though you can’t yet see, one day you’ll learn to love yourself and we can then be free.

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Love Mum

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  1. What a beautiful piece and the pictures are absolutely precious. I also have a daughter so your poem speak volumes to me. Be sure to save it for a gift to give her later in life ❤❤❤

  2. This is absolutely beautiful! Also, I love the photos of your daughter after each line. This line resonates so deeply: “Injustices will happen. We all have trials to bear. Yet ours have been much tougher and not everything is fair.” This is such truth. But we must keep fighting and overcoming the things that try to set us back. We must use them as our strength-builders.

  3. I loved reading the poem. Yes every soul is beautiful inside. I must say the young lady is really beautiful May god bless her always.

  4. That is beautifully written although some of Sylvia’s expressions did make me laugh. She is so full of joy and I am so pleased that she was able to come back to you after everything you have been through x

  5. This is so lovely and the photos are fantastic. You should definitely save this and give it to her when she’s older. It’ll definitely mean so much to her.

    1. Thanks Ashleigh. It is great to know you like them. Sometimes I get lots of page views but less comments and am not sure what people make of my posts..so it’s nice to hear this compliment.

  6. What a very touching poem you had created. Its very touching to see your little ones photo. Her smile is really very angelic. I know both of you are so lucky to have each other.

  7. Absolutely Beautiful. I have a Daughter as well and though she is now married I still remember the pain endured by her because of my disease. She never ever doubted or questioned me. However in grade four she had made a card for me. Apparently the class was doing the same thing. Anyway once home she came to my bedside and gave it to me. I cried. The card reader “To the best Mommy in the world. As I opened to read inside of the card she had printed ” I only have one wish and that is for my Mommy to get better soon and then we can go out shopping “. So Thank you for enabling me to read such a Darling poem. Xo

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