Omega Speedmaster: Where to Buy and Can You Purchase Directly?

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If you’re keen on the Omega Speedmaster collection and contemplating where to make your purchase, there are a few options available to you. You can acquire these sought-after timepieces directly from an Omega boutique, authorized Omega dealers, or trusted grey market dealers.

It is no surprise if this timepiece brand has caught your interest lately, and now you’re searching high and low for a new Omega wristwatch. You can invest in new or pre-owned models, especially from the Speedmaster set, like the Moonwatch, Speedmaster 38, and Dark Side of the Moon. Remember, a luxury watch like the Omega Speedmaster is a significant investment — it has the same level of investment success as the Omega Seamaster in Singapore.

They have great investment values and are competitive in the market alongside the prestigious Rolex brand. If you’re ready to reward yourself with a remarkable Omega watch, this article will guide you on the best places where authentic Omega watches are sold and more.

How Much Is an Omega Speedmaster?

The price of an Omega Speedmaster can vary depending on the watch model and its features. In the market, the watches from the collection can be between S$2,138 and S$55,762. Meanwhile, Omega Speedmaster, sold by authorized dealers, has a retail price from S$6,921 to S$682,805. 

How much you shell out largely depends on the Omega watch you’re getting. The least popular models are reasonably more affordable, and the cost increases depending on the watch complications and historical significance associated with the model.

Here, we give you an overview showing some of the Omega timepieces under the Speedmaster collection divided into different price categories set by the Omega watch brand:

Most AffordableAverageMost Expensive
324. (S$6,921) 331. (S$19,965)304. (S$94,501)
311. (S$6,987)310. (S$39,264) 311. (S$118,326)
318. (S$7,852)311. (S$40,063)522. (S$682,805)

Referring to the table above if you’re looking for the most affordable Omega timepiece, take note of the model references in the first column. For more options, search the official Omega website and scout for more watches that best suit your budget. 

Meanwhile, the most expensive watches usually come from the Speedmaster Two Counters collection. If you opt for Grey Market Dealers (GDs), the prices for these watches will significantly change. 

What makes Omega watches differ in price? The secondary market is affected by factors such as the watch’s condition, inventory, and historical significance. As a result, values may fluctuate over time. We will compare their price differences in the later sections.

Where to Buy an Omega Speedmaster?

Authorized Omega retailers are the best place to start, as they offer a collection of all models and guarantee their authenticity. For those exploring more options or finding better deals, grey market dealers carry pre-owned Omega watches, where you can find current and vintage Speedmaster models.

To rightly determine whether an Authorized Dealer (AD) or a grey market dealer is a better choice, the table below highlights their key features and differences:

FeatureAuthorized Watch DealersGrey Market Dealers
PriceThey follow the pricing guidelines set by the brand.Prices can fluctuate depending on watch supply and demand.
WarrantyWatches come with a full manufacturer’s warranty.Offer in-house warranties
Authenticity GuaranteeGuaranteed authenticity as they receive products directly from the brand.Check for their authenticity guarantee on the website to make sure you’re dealing with the right dealer
After-Sales ServiceComplete access to official after-sales services for maintenance and repair.They may have their own in-house repair services
Availability New models are readily available.Availability depends on secondary market sources. 
Variety of ModelsOffers a selection of current models from the brand.Offers various models, including rare and vintage timepieces.

Both authorized watch dealers and grey market dealers have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice between the two depends on individual preferences and priorities.

Authorized Watch Dealers:

Pros: Purchasing from authorized dealers ensures you get the full manufacturer’s warranty, official after-sales support, and guaranteed authenticity. You can have peace of mind, knowing you’re dealing directly with the brand and receiving genuine products.

Cons: The prices may be higher due to adherence to brand pricing guidelines. The availability of highly sought-after models may be limited due to strict allocation policies.

Grey Market Dealers:

Pros: Grey market dealers can offer more competitive prices, potentially leading to cost savings. They may have the latest models available faster, and some reputable dealers offer authenticity guarantees.

Cons: There may be risks with less reputable dealers, and some may not provide extensive warranties or official after-sales services.

Omega Speedmaster: Retail vs. Pre-owned Price

The Omega Speedmaster is a classic watch model with many variations, so prices can differ significantly based on factors like model, age, condition, and rarity. 

Below lists some of the Omega Speedmaster models, including their prices when sold in retail stores versus in pre-owned markets:

  • 310. The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is a model recently introduced in 2020. It’s powered by caliber 3861 and features a white gold case and an aluminum tachymeter bezel insert. This retails for S$72,140 and can be sold as pre-owned for S$47,702.
  • 324. Speedmaster Co-Axial 38 Stainless Steel models were released in 2017. They are recognized by their stainless steel case and diamond-set bezel. You’ll pay around S$11,712 when sold as new or S$10,097 when pre-owned. 
  • 311. Introduced at BaselWorld in 2018, the Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon is an innovative ceramic-cased watch run by the Lemania-1873-based movement. This retails for S$14,241 but can be bought for only S$12,646 if pre-owned. 

If you compare the retail and pre-owned figures, certain Omega watches have lower prices when bought from a secondary market. However, authorized dealers also have an edge: their watches are always in new condition. 

Here are some tips to bear in mind before choosing between these two sources:

  • Research and Verify: Regardless of the type of dealer, always research their reputation and verify their authenticity. For ADs, check Omega’s official website. For GDs, look for customer reviews and ratings.
  • Understand the Warranty: If buying from an authorized dealer, you’ll typically receive a manufacturer’s warranty. With a grey market dealer, the warranty might be through them (if offered), not Omega. 

About Omega Speedmaster

Brief History

Omega Speedmaster is a renowned luxury watch line that followed after the Omega Seamaster collection, another line of watches popularized by James Bond. 

Made by the world’s leading watch manufacturer and initially designed for sports and racing, the Speedmaster gained fame and boasts a rich technical and watchmaking history extending to space exploration and various iconic moments in sports timing.

  • 1957: The Omega Speedmaster was introduced in 1957 as a sports and racing chronograph, matching Omega’s position as the official timekeeper for the renowned  Olympic Games
  • 1962: Astronaut Wally Schirra had his personal Speedmaster CK2998 watch worn; this is the first Omega in space, during the Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, marking its first journey to space.
  • 1965: NASA officially certified the Speedmaster for all manned missions after rigorous testing, making it the first watch on the moon.
  • 1969: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore his Omega Speedmaster Professional when he stepped onto the lunar surface during the Apollo 11 mission. While Neil Armstrong left him inside the lunar module as a backup because the module’s electronic timer had malfunctioned.
  • 1970: The Speedmaster gained the nickname “Moonwatch” after aiding the safe return of the Apollo 13 mission, which encountered critical failures in flight.
  • 1975: The Speedmaster was present on the wrist of cosmonaut Alexey Leonov during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, marking a significant moment in the Cold War and the space race.
  • 1998: Omega introduced the X-33, which combined traditional hands with digital displays designed for space explorers in consultation with astronauts and cosmonauts.
  • 2019: Omega introduced a re-edition of the Speedmaster with a newly-produced Caliber 321 movement, the exact movement used in the Speedmasters during the first moon landing.

The Omega Speedmaster’s legacy, unparalleled performance, and master chronometer certification truly set it apart in luxury watches, making it an excellent option for those seeking precision and style in a timepiece. 

With that in mind, Omega continues to impress watch enthusiasts more. Hooked by the excellence of the timepieces, what Louis Brandt and Louis Paul established has proved to be fruitful. 


The features of the Omega Speedmaster vary depending on the model. This collection is home to several sets of exquisite Omega watches: the Moonwatch, Heritage Models, Dark Side of the Moon, Speedmaster 38, Two Counters, and Instruments. 

In order to accurately capture the features, we have reviewed the three most popular Omega Speedmaster watches and categorized their characteristics through the table below: 

DialBlack DialSilver dialBlack dial
Case-5-meter water-resistant case-Stainless steel case-5-meter water-resistant case-Canopus Gold™ caseNon-water-resistant stainless steel case
BezelAnodized aluminum bezel ringAnodized aluminum bezel ringStainless steel bezel
BraceletStainless steel braceletCanopus Gold™ braceletStainless steel bracelet
Movement-Manual winding-50-hour power reserve-Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861-Manual winding-50-hour power reserve-Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 3861-Manual winding-48-hour power reserve-Omega caliber 321

When purchasing an Omega Speedmaster, it’s essential to carefully consider the specifications of the watch model you’re interested in. 

The table can provide a comprehensive overview but don’t hesitate to explore other models you may be eyeing. Ask your watch dealer for more information, dive into online resources, or visit forums to learn from other watch enthusiasts. 

Final Word

Buying an Omega Speedmaster is a significant decision that should be made with care. Consider whether you value the benefits of purchasing from an authorized dealer or are attracted to the often lower prices of the grey market. 

Additionally, the Speedmaster collection offers a variety of models, each with unique specifications. With careful consideration, you’ll find the perfect Speedmaster to add to your collection of Omega watches.

Key Takeaways

  • The availability of the Omega Speedmaster can depend on various factors, including the specific model you’re interested in, your location, and the current demand for Omega watches.
  • Omega Speedmaster watches retail for around S$6,921 to S$682,805 and may have a market value ranging from S$2,138 to S$55,762.
  • Omega Speedmaster watches particularly rare or vintage models, can hold or appreciate value over time, offering considerable investment potential.

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