4 Ways to Promote Your Newly Opened Nail Salon

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Nail salons remain one of the most competitive business ventures out there and can quickly succumb to rival businesses if they’re not marketed in the right way. To put it into perspective, the nail market in the UK is estimated to be worth an eyewatering £0.35bn.

And it’s only going to get bigger; with a 1.42% annual growth, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs are turning to this very reliable and popular of trades.

If you’re looking to grow your business to match the industry boom, here are a few ways to promote your newly opened nail salon.

Newly Opened Nail Salon

Use Social Media

The power of social media can’t be overemphasised enough; indeed, it’s one of the most useful tools at a business owner’s disposal. Use Facebook to build awareness amongst the target age group and then use Instagram to show off some of your best designs and brilliant acrylic nailsets

Use social media to also mark your business out as experts in the field with tips on nail care and how to preserve your nail art for longer. 

Discover Your USP

A USP (unique selling point) is the most effective way to stand out from the crowd. In order to find yours, research other salons in the local area in order to find out the gap in the market. Once you’ve found it, turn that into your USP and use it to set yourself apart from the competition. 

Whether it’s a free face massage with every appointment or exclusive nail sets, promote this everywhere on social media and watch the customers flock in.

Reward Loyalty

Every customer wants to be valued, especially if they give you a lot of business. Think about setting up a loyalty scheme that offers 50% off a customer’s fifth treatment. It might feel like such a big discount will be a big financial hit to the business, but you’ll make more than you lose in the long run.  

Create Gift Cards

There’s always that friend that is tricky to buy for. Make it easier for gift givers by creating your own gift cards that entitle the recipient to a nail treatment up to a certain value or a relaxing mani-pedi. Not only will this get new clients in the door, but also build your loyal client base if they’re happy with the treatment. 

Keep your gift cards by the till for any last-minute purchases.

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