Nail the Look: Luxurious Color Trends for the Fashion-Forward

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Are you searching for new fashion-forward nail trends? Fashion changes each season, but there are plenty of classic nail colors you’ll want to try. We gathered all the most stylish ones below so you can experiment with your look before everyone else.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to nail the look!

1. Glamorous Jewel Tone Nails

Nail the Look

First, let’s start with deep jewel tones. These shades include colors that remind us of gemstones.

If you want to be even more luxurious with your nail choice, use nail polish with a metallic finish. They’re shimmery and make your nails look rich and glamorous. This option is perfect for special events and evening outfits.

Some popular jewel tones for nails include sapphire, emerald, and ruby. Generally, these shades have high color saturation, making them stand out.

So, if you want your nails to be luxurious and fashionable, try jewel tones. There are many different shades to try out in this color range. If you want something more fashion-forward, paint your nails with a rich purple amethyst formula.

2. Luxurious Nude Nails

Next, you can also try neutral nails. These elegant shades give you a clean slate to put intricate nail art on. Nude colors can range from pale beige to deep brown, depending on your skin tone. White and gray are also considered to be nude shades.

When you wear a neutral nail like this, it will match all of your outfits. So, many people love using this color palette for their daily life. It’s also perfect for minimalistic nails.

Nude nails are luxurious for several reasons. First, they offer a clean and polished look, making your nails look nice. It shows you practice self-care and have strong attention to detail, which makes people associate your appearance with luxury.

Additionally, nude nails look professional, and you can wear them to the office. They’re subtle but give off a sense of effortless beauty.

Finally, nude shades are the main part of the classic French manicure. With this style, you use nude pink on the main part of your nail and add the famous white tips once it dries. This nail design is iconic, classic, and very luxurious. To be more fashion-forward, try recreating French nails in different shades.

3. Bold Neon Nails

Neon nail colors can be a ton of fun to wear. They’re vibrant, bold, and make a statement. You can mix and match neon nail polish for unique results. 

We recommend trying the classic French manicure with a bright neon tip instead. You can use a different neon tip on each nail to mix it up and create 80s-themed nails. Or, try creating a neon base with a solid black animal print on top. Overlapping geometric shapes can be stunning, too.

No matter what you come up with, neon nails are bold and beautiful. They’re eye-catching and fashion-forward nail colors. You can even wear solid neon shades without doing intricate nail art and get a stunning effect.

Not everyone likes bold neon nails, but you should try it before you write it off. You might love how they turn out! Worst case scenario, you just need a tiny bit of nail polish remover to try again.

4. Unique Nails With Negative Space

Have you ever tried only painting part of your nail? There are plenty of ways to use negative space in your nail designs to create something stunning and highly fashion-forward.

You only need to paint a small portion of your nail to achieve this look while leaving the rest blank. Wait for that to dry, and put a clear nail polish over top to seal your work. It’s unique and adds a pop of color to your look.

This style is minimalist, modern, and very unique. They’re different from fully painted nails, which makes them stand out much more. Plus, it’s subtle yet still quite elegant.

Try leaving a heart shape out of the middle of your nail. Or, you could create geometric shapes that don’t take up your entire nail. There are plenty of different options with this style.

5. Trendy Ombre Nails

Ombre nails are another fun option. If you have longer nails, you’ll want to try this style since it gives you more room to transition between colors.

You’ll need a small makeup or manicure sponge and at least two different nail polish shades to create ombre nails. Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Clean your nails with nail polish remover and wash your hands. Make sure your nails are dry before moving on.
  2. Apply the base color to your nail. Wait for it to dry.
  3. Paint the makeup sponge with a stripe of each shade of nail polish.
  4. Dab your nail with the sponge. Wait for it to dry.
  5. Repeat steps three and four, waiting for the layer to dry in between.
  6. Seal your nail polish with a clear coat. A formula with glitter would be even more luxurious. 

Ombre nails can be visually stunning and eye-catching, so you’ll want to choose the colors you use carefully—many associate the blended color gradient with creativity and art, making them look more luxurious.

It’s not overly complex to get this effect, so make sure you give it a try.

6. Classy Nails With a Matte Finish

Finally, try a solid color nail with a matte finish. These nail polishes aren’t glossy at all and look dry. It’s a unique effect and can be very fashion-forward and modern. You’ll want to try a gray matte nail for sure. 

Some other popular colors include pastel shades. They look outstanding with a matte finish. You can turn any polish shade matte with the right top coat formula.

Overall, matte nails are luxurious and fashion-forward, so try them when possible.

Nail the Look and Be Fashion Forward

So, make sure to give these nail colors and designs a try if you want to be more fashion-forward. There are many options, but they’re all fun to wear and look great!

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