Mi Casa Su Casa: Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party for The Girls

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2023 was the year of romanticizing our lives and finding joy in embracing the little things that allow us to celebrate the life we have created for ourselves. And what better way to celebrate and enjoy the important friendships in your life than a dinner party with your favorite people? 

If your home is typically a smoke-free zone, speak to guests who vape in advance to find an accommodating comprise that will allow them to enjoy their favorite Vaporesso without being excluded from the group setting. 

Curate a Guest List

For your first few dinner parties, four to six guests is a good starting point. You will need to feed everyone you invite, and if you are unfamiliar with cooking for larger crowds, starting with a smaller group is a good idea. 

Dinner parties are far more intimate than regular parties, so try to invite friends who already know each other, with one or two newer friends who are outgoing and can integrate themselves fairly quickly into a group. This will prevent awkward silences or anyone feeling left out. 

To ensure your invited guests will be available, it is best to invite them in advance. Three to four weeks is enough time for invitees to clear their schedules, but not too much time that they will forget about your party. Stick to the weekend to allow everyone the ultimate opportunity to enjoy their evening without worrying about getting up for work or school the following day. 

Plan, Plan, Plan

Everything you will need to host a successful dinner party for the girls can be pulled together with proper planning and preparation. Basic details, including date, time, possible dress code, theme, and menu, should be made early on to give you enough time to work through any issues that may arise leading up to the day. 

Additionally, use this time to decide how you plan to decorate and build a schedule for the day to ensure you complete any last-minute cleaning and organizing on the day to give your space the dazzling finishing touches it deserves. 

Choose the Perfect Theme

While you don’t need a special occasion to host a dinner party, choosing a theme for your event will set a tone for everything else, creating a cohesive connection between your decorations, menu, playlists, and dress code. 

There are hundreds of unique dinner party themes to choose from, ranging from casual and relaxed to formal and sophisticated. You can choose to celebrate your favorite season, embrace a fancy dress theme based on your favorite childhood novel, or create the perfect excuse to break out your most extravagant dress. 

Decide on a Menu

For any dinner party, having your menu be the night’s focal point is a must. To achieve this, think of dishes that are elevated, delicious, filling, and, most importantly, within your skill level. A simple menu hack is to follow the formula of an appetizer, a light starter, a main course, the perfect dessert, and after-meal drinks. 

Stick to dishes you have made before, or go for recipes that seem fancy but are actually easy to make. Alternatively, skip the formal meal altogether and instead make a selection of finger foods and tapas, allowing your guests to pick and choose what they want. 

Decorate Your Space

If you have chosen a theme for the night, it is important to pay attention to details and bring that vision to life. Set the table with a tablecloth and linens, ensure every guest has a fully-stacked place setting, complete with the necessary crockery and drinking glasses, and include small tealight candles for the ultimate ambiance that regular lighting just can’t achieve. 

For an added personal touch, handwrite the place cards and the menu for the evening. When deciding on your seating arrangement, try to seat your friends next to people they may not know very well. This promotes conversation and prevents anyone from focusing too much on a singular person. 

Keep the Drinks Flowing

While having a delicious and easy menu is a vital part of any dinner party, providing plenty of the right drinks is a necessary component of a successful event. You don’t need your drinks budget to break the bank. Instead, provide a selection of red and white wine, alongside beer or cider and non-alcoholic options for those who prefer not to stay sober. Also, consider offering a signature cocktail featuring kyodie whiskey for those seeking something more adventurous.

If your budget allows, you can choose to include a small range of popular liquor, including vodka, gin, or whiskey, alongside cocktail ingredients. However, if you would prefer to skip a liquor selection, instead opt for a signature cocktail you can serve guests on arrival. 

Go Easy on Yourself

If you are new to the dinner party scene, don’t set your expectations at unrealistic heights. While it may be the ideal time to cement yourself as the dinner party queen in your friend group, putting unnecessary pressure on yourself will make you more nervous than needed, which could negatively impact your level of enjoyment. 

Give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy your evening with the girls by preparing in advance and choosing a menu and theme that is easy to do right. But remind yourself that some things are out of your control, and should any unexpected challenges arise, approach them with a calm and relaxed attitude. Nobody expects perfection, so don’t pressure yourself to achieve it. 

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